16K Difference Between DOJ/FBI Hours of Investigation of 1/6 Riot vs. BLM Riots

FBI SWAT training

The difference between the DOJ/FBI’s response to the numerous, nationwide violent and destructive months/years-long BLM/Antifa riots and the 1/6 several hours (possibly FBI-assisted) riot is a, as The Western Journal titled a 2021 article, “Jaw-Dropping Comparison [that] Pits Jan. 6 Against George Floyd Riots … The Difference Couldn’t Be Clearer.”

BLM/Antifa riot Portland, OR.

Despite defenses by Democrat media, some even citing BLM/Antifa were treated “better” than 1/6 rioters, trespassers (“paraders”), and attendees, according to an exclusive report at The Daily Signal by Fred Lucas, “FBI Devoted at Least 16,000 More Hours to Jan. 6 Riot Than to BLM Riots in DC.” 

Rioters often ignored these signs

TDS also reported, “FBI agents worked about 16,000 more hours during the pay period of the Capitol riot of Jan. 6, 2021, than they did during the pay period of the 2020 riots that hit Washington, D.C.”

The Heritage Foundation Oversight Project (Heritage is TDS’s parent) secured documents noting the almost 16K hours the DOJ/FBI dedicated to bringing 1/6 “suspects” to “justice” over the BLM riots suspects.

And the findings reflect relatively short time periods for each investigation. And though the overall hours, 70K vs. 86 K, each sound like large numbers, it is only a partial (using similar amounts of time) comparison of riots occurring over at least months in one city (D.C.) with a riot that lasted only several hours on one day. 

About those unaccounted for hours over many months (and years), Lucas reported, “The FBI did not provide information about how many of the more than 86,000 hours were spent on Jan. 6 cases alone, according to the Heritage Oversight Project, which is suing for more transparency.”

FBI whistleblowers have reported being yanked off “serious felony investigations to work solely on Jan. 6 misdemeanors.” 

Heritage says they’re suing the FBI because the documents withheld “belong to the American people.” This resistance and “slow-walking” is indicative of federal agencies’ lack of transparency under Joe Biden. 

Lucas wrote, in 2020, during only week one of the Democrat militia riots, some 150 federal and local cops suffered injuries in D.C. alone. The tab for the year of violence and destruction nationwide was $2 billion. And, reportedly, BLM/Antifa riots caused at least “19 deaths.

Jan. 6 had zero deaths caused by rioters.

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