Over 24 California Students Still in Afghanistan after Being Stranded in American Exit

Perversely, American students were left in the Biden withdrawal chaos and now face a cruel death by brutal Taliban terrorists unless they are successfully located and extracted from Afghanistan.

Biden abandoned over 24 California students and their families trapped in Afghanistan, refusing to let them on to the last plane leaving Kabul airport. The majority of the families were in Kabul visiting relatives over the summer holiday and were set to fly back before school started.

San Juan Unified School District Staff reported to the Sacramento Bee that over 24 students in their district are still trapped in Afghanistan. Rep. Ami Bera is coordinating with the State Department to help locate and rescue these students and their families.

Rep. Bera released a statement to the SacBee saying, “Our office has been in close contact with the San Juan Unified School District and have urgently flagged the students’ information with the State Department and Department of Defense. We have not received an update from the State Department or the DOD.”

KGTV reported out of San Diego, where a number of the families are from, that the families notified officials at the Cajon Valley Union School District (CVUSD) that several of their students were stranded in Afghanistan during the turmoil. The district released a statement detailed in the report.

The statement revealed that Cajon Valley Union School District found out that students might not be making it back in time for school just one day before school started. “Students and their parents who traveled to Afghanistan this summer to visit their extended family reached out to their community liaisons for assistance when the crisis in Afghanistan started,” CVUSD said.

The school district reported to KGTV that the families reached out to “Fraidoon and Mohammad, Cajon Valley Community Liaisons, to hold their children’s spots in their classrooms while they were stranded in Afghanistan.”

Rep. Darrell Issa’s office is said to be helping the school district coordinate with the federal government. The Cajon Valley students’ community liaisons compiled a comprehensive list of all CVUSD students known to still be in Afghanistan.

“They have been working with Congressman Issa’s office, who have been incredibly supportive in the attempt to bring these families home. The East County San Diego community and district staff continue to send positive thoughts and well wishes to all of our families as we await their safe return,” said CVUSD.

The Superintendent of CVUSD, Dr. David Miyashiro told FOX5, that “one of our eighth graders, he said it was chaos.” Dr. Miyashiro said the boy had “anxiety and fear” in his eyes when he saw him.

The superintendent announced that the four families, made up of seven adults and 14 children, have so far been rescued with the help of community liaison officers and Rep. Issa.

Of the family that remains, he said, “We have intel based on our family community engagement officers, so we know where they are, we know how to get to them, and there are still means to do that.”

Unfortunately for the family, Dr. Miyashiro said getting them out is “just more complicated now.”


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