60% of Abortion Clinics Close in 11 States Post-Roe Reversal

A recent report from Guttmacher Institute has found a significant reduction in the number of operating abortion clinics 11 states with heartbeat bills.

The states – Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Texas – have seen a 60% decrease in the operation of total clinics across. Texas had a total of 23 closures.

Although this is a win in the fight against abortion on a national scale, the closure of clinics does not ensure the abolishment of their efforts to continue child genocide. Clinics that have closed in certain states have plans to pick up and move across state lines to new territory with different laws.

Many abortion providers will simply relocate.

Statistics show that over 65% of all abortions are performed before 9 weeks. The percentage of abortions performed before 6 weeks is unclear.

Planned Parenthood, which operates under the guise of family planning while garnering the majority of its revenue from abortions, is still federally funded, and will remain in business.

According to Forbes, this corporate slaughterhouse is worth billions.

The only way to successfully guarantee that abortion will decrease, is to abolish it in all 50 states. It must be acknowledged as what it is: the butchering of innocent souls in the womb for profit.

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