7 Year Old Boy Saves Toddler from Drowning

In Sacramento, California, a brave 7 year old boy rescued a drowning toddler from his community swimming pool. 

Massiah Browne was swimming at his relative’s pool when he noticed a toddler sitting at the bottom with his eyes and mouth open. When Messiah noticed, he told Good Morning America, “I went to go get him.”

Massiah dove into the 6 ft deep pool and pulled the toddler up by his arms, Messiah’s sister, 9 year old Savannah, helped him lift the child out of the pool. The child was unconscious when Messiah lifted him out of the water. Messiah said, “Savannah brought him to his mom, and then they did CPR on the boy, and then they called the doctor.”

The boy was breathing again when paramedics arrived. Massiah’s mother spoke with the child’s mother, who reported the toddler was doing well. Messiah’s mother said, “It’s definitely a miracle. I’m so blessed to have him as a son.”

Massiah’s father is Marcus Browne, who was a boxer for the US in the 2012 Olympics. He noted his son’s heroic actions were “nothing out of the norm” and that Massiah is a very empathetic child.

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