7FT Bronze Harambe Statue Appears On Wall Street

A giant bronze gorilla statue showed up Monday to make a statement on Wall Street. It appears to be facing off with the notorious bronze bull. People are curious about the 10,000 real bananas that joined the display surrounding the bull’s feet.

The new and developing social network company, Sapien Network, placed the bronze ape at this location. They say it is their way of acknowledging the social divide of the system and that “Wall Street has gone bananas.”

The network said in a press release that the 7-foot Harambe represents “millions of people who struggle under a system that enriches wealthy elites.” The bananas symbolize a lack of trust among people and respect for finite environmental resources.

Co-founders of Sapien Network, Robert Giometti, Tejay Aluru, and Ankit Bhatia, have created an in-development social networking platform “dedicated to putting the needs and welfare of human beings first.”

Giometti told local news:

“It’s not about rejecting capitalism or the current system. It’s about revolving them into the current future and letting them empower more groups of people. That’s the whole point of this story. “Harambe is a representation of something that lets us look at more than just ourselves.”
Giometti then poses a question asking, “What are we aspiring to as people?” and continuing with, “It’s about connecting. A simple gesture of giving a banana builds community. As a society, we need to come together. We can’t keep fighting to come together.”

Harambe was the gorilla that was controversially shot and killed at the Cincinnati zoo in 2016.

A three-year-old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure with Harambe coming to his rescue. Though the gorilla seemed to be protecting the boy, zookeepers chose to end Harambe’s life in order to recover the child unscathed. The zoo defended its position to kill the gorilla to protect the child whose “life was in danger.”

Harambe’s death sparked national outrage.

“Though the gorilla never acted aggressively toward the child, Harambe was shot by zookeepers who were fearful for the child’s safety,” said the Sapien Network’s release. “For Bhatia and Giometti, the bronze statue of Harambe, contrasted with the bronze Charging Bull of Wall Street, represents the millions of everyday people who struggle under a system that enriches wealthy elites and leaves the average person behind.”

People flocked to see the statue and 10,000 bananas that will be donated to local food banks.

“People are grabbing bananas and cheering,” Bhatia cooed. “This is what it’s all about.”

“The whole thing is in the spirit of giving,” Aluru said. “We’re just three random dudes giving out bananas because we can.”

The statue was apparently removed the same day.

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