Abortionists vs. Abolitionists Continues with Judge’s Warped Georgia “Heartbeat Law” Ruling

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Despite the U.S. Supreme Court Dobbs decision, the battle between abortionists and abolitionists continues because the radical Democrats are no longer allowed to lose. Americans see Dems do this with elections and court decisions they don’t like. 

In the future, will Americans view abortion with the revulsion they view slavery today? Hopefully, that future is not far off. 

Similar to the 19th Century, abolitionists want to end suffering, in this case, the killing of human babies in the womb (and after). And there are abortionists who desperately want to convince people that a human being, in this case in the womb, is not fully human. Supporters of slavery also argued a group of human beings wasn’t fully human

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Georgia recently passed a so-called “heartbeat” law, “LIFE Act,” that essentially mandated abortions cannot occur at the point a heartbeat is detected. If a human heartbeat isn’t an indication of human life, what is? 

Pro-abortion activists recently challenged HB 481 Living Infants Fairness and Equality Act, and a judge has ruled that the law, in part, somehow violates the Constitution. The case is Sistersong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Coalition v. Georgia.” 

According to The Daily Signal’s Sarah Parshall Perry, “In granting plaintiff abortion groups’ motion for partial judgment on the constitutionality of HB 481, Georgia’s 2019 Living Infants Fairness and Equality Act, Judge Robert McBurney had to engage in some impressive legal contortions to reach the outcome he so clearly wanted.”  

What “contortions” did Judge Robert McBurney use? It appears one that would allow him to kiss his own butt. Perry, noting the judge’s opinion relied heavily on “commentary,” reported, “How did McBurney reach such a head-scratching conclusion? By suspending the realities of time and space and pretending that Dobbs didn’t exist.”

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