About Us

The Tatum Report was founded in 2020 as the cultural landscape of America rapidly changed. There was, and still is, a need for media to focus on truth over sensationalism, and that is our primary objective.

With tribalism and Fake News running rampant on BOTH sides of the political aisle, our team wants to bring the FACTS and stay 100! We fully intend to disrupt the mainstream narrative by delivering TRUTH.

Is the Tatum Report biased? YES!!! But our bias and opinions come from what we firmly believe in. We have a conservative political perspective and a Christian outlook. This team will not be swayed just because someone’s feelings may get hurt in the process.

We want to help our audience not only stay up to date on news but also inspire our fellow Americans to stand firm on their core values.

Meet Our Team


Brandon Tatum – CEO

Brandon Tatum is a former Tucson Police Officer turned entrepreneur, and advocate for the Constitution and American values. He is dedicated to spreading his message and keeping people informed on important topics in our country. Brandon founded the Tatum Report in 2020.

Melissa Decker – Editor In Chief/Executive Manager

Liberal all her life, Melissa had a “great awakening” towards the end of 2019. Now, she is on a mission to stand up for what is right, and help others do the same. She joined the Tatum Report in April of 2021.



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