From Absurdities, to Tyrannies, to Atrocities

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In my most recent book, “The Obama Gang” (2021, National Police Association), about the high-level, organized crime-like attack on traditional policing in America, I began with this quote:

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” —Voltaire

Isn’t this what we’re seeing from the neo-Democrat radicals today? Think about all the absurd things they’re trying to make us believe: the police wantonly hunt and kill black people, biological sex doesn’t matter, healthy (even vaccinated) people (and children) need to wear facemasks, and humans are affecting global climate to a degree that we’ve only got, according to folks like AOC, a decade left before human existence is wiped off the planet. Come on, man! 

In the 1930s and early 40s Germany, Adolph Hitler had the German people believing the absurdity that the “Aaryan race,” his white German race, was superior to all others on Earth—and the Jewish “race” was the most inferior. Once regular people believed that absurdity, to whatever degree, the Nazi government was priming them to commit, or at least ignore atrocities.

After committing “small” tyrannies such as turning in, or if you were a local cop, arresting your neighbors for “offenses against the state,” it became ever more challenging to avoid committing greater evil acts. Atrocities spanned from the reluctant soldiers and police officers ordered to imprison and/or execute “undesirables” to those who reveled in murdering innocent people.

In his brilliant but disturbing book, “Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland” (Harper Perennial, 2017), Christopher R. Browning carefully documents how otherwise ordinary German municipal police officers could find themselves in situations where they were committing atrocities they never imagined they could.

Anyone who says they would never commit such atrocities may genuinely believe it, and I hope that’s true. But that book will force you to take a deeper look into the multi-faceted psychology that affects all human beings. Rather than being ordered by superiors to kill, most police officers described they complied due to peer pressure. They didn’t want to let their comrades down.

Many justified, if they must do their duty, so must I.

Some men convinced themselves killing the victims saved them from a worse fate in the concentration camps. When doing the actual killing, some found rifle-aiming techniques to assure the victim would not suffer. Others purposefully missed, which only delayed death momentarily until the next “more diligent” police officer did “his duty.”

Some men managed to avoid killing any innocent person, but not every cop could be this clever. Some superiors even excused some men from this vile duty. German military officers provided alcohol to intoxicate the cops so they could more thoughtlessly complete their gruesome missions. Some German Army commanders began assigning the most reluctant men to bring victims to a collection site where another unit would do the killing after those police officers left.

There were stories of other atrocities and some of the flashes of humanity. One story told of a father who turned in his daughter. She was attempting to hide Jews from the Nazis on their farm. The SS officers promised him, if he turned her in, he’d live. The Nazis killed them both.

However, there was another story was of a little Jewish girl whom a German military officer had found alive among the bodies of people who’d been shot and dumped into a mass grave. The Army officer was tired of the killing of innocent men, women, and children. Instead of murdering her, he rescued her from the mass grave, secretly sent her to Germany, and raised her as his daughter.

Why have I spent so much time on the details given in this book? Because they provide visceral insight into how bad can cajole good into committing evil if good doesn’t act in time to stop it. To paraphrase an old adage, the only thing it takes for evil to triumph is that good folks do nothing—to stop bad folks.

There is an episode in the remarkable mini-series produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, Band of Brothers, called “Why We Fight.” It deals with the more subtle aspects of people believing absurdities and committing atrocities.

American soldiers discover and liberate a Nazi concentration camp the guards had abandoned, crammed with emaciated, and deceased, mostly Jewish, victims. Appalled, the Americans turn their attention to the “ordinary” German people in a nearby town. How could they not know about the evil happening so near to them? Just the stench from the decaying dead and the bodies burning in the ovens had to betray the atrocities. It’s an absurdity to believe otherwise.

The Americans declared martial law and commanded the townspeople to report to the camp to remove and bury the dead bodies. What they saw there horrified these “ordinary” people. They had to be equally horrified at their ability to ignore such an atrocity occurring in their backyard. They believed the absurdity that nothing nefarious was happening at the camp, so they ignored the horror, which can be argued is in itself committing an atrocity.

Having so prefaced this discussion, can you think of any absurdities that the neo-Democrats are attempting to convince Americans to accept today? How about telling us we need to look at a man and call him a woman? Or to look at a woman and call her a man? No matter what a person does, DNA, science, the biology doesn’t change. Does that mean a man or woman cannot live life identifying as the opposite sex? No. This is America. Do what you wish, as long as it’s peaceful. But don’t pass laws, forcing others to believe what is not true.

I read a story a while back about a white man in Florida who identifies as a woman from the Philippines. He lives his life as if he were a Filipina, right down to driving a Tuk-Tuk. Should the law ban him from living his life identifying as a Pacific Islander woman? Of course not. He’s hurting no one and seems like a peaceful, happy person. But should government legally compel everyone to regard him as a Filipina? No. That would be absurd.

Remember, the absurdities they make you believe don’t have to be directly related to any atrocities they eventually make you commit. They just need you to think differently. They spent the past a year and a half making people, including people essentially unaffected from any dangers of the CCP virus, believe the absurdity of wearing a mask. And while making you wear a mask for no reason based on science might not be an atrocity, it is a tyranny, which often evolves into committing atrocities.

Other absurdities the radical left wants to make us believe overflow. They’ve given us pornographic sex education in grade schools. They’re teaching critical race theory (CRT/Marxism) in American institutions.

CRT teaches that white people are perpetual oppressors who can never rid themselves of racism, and black (and brown) people are perpetual victims who can never be racists. Those, folks, are all absurdities they want to make you believe. Do you?

Let’s resist believing these absurdities before. Like the everyday Germans during WWII and the ordinary men of Reserve Police Battalion 101, we are put in positions where we first commit “small” tyrannies, which is already happening, and later put in positions where we are expected to commit atrocities. And anyone who doesn’t think folks like Antifa and BLM won’t commit atrocities—they already are.


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