According to This Brandon Tatum Fan, Biden Administration Is A Blessing in Disguise [VIDEO]

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  1. He’s right, of course – not the first time I’ve heard the sentiment that the good thing about the sock puppet and kameltoe installed as “leaders” is that the left won’t win any elections for the next generation.

    And I surely hope that is true – though I worry that the number of useful idiots, augmented constantly by terrible education programs and gub’ment handouts, might outnumber people who can actually think rationally.

  2. Unfortunately as seen in the last election its not how many leagal votes you get its who is counting those votes. If Democrats had their way the next election would be just like Sadam Husseins last election was. He won by unanimous vote. How do we ensure that illegals, dead persons, and crates of just discovered votes dont get found. Are there any honest Democrats with integrity left in America. They know they cannot win an honest election.

  3. BobF, not only am I concerned about the useful idiots but also the leftist skill at cheating in elections.

  4. The useful idiots were the first thing that came to my mind as well to destroy this theory. The arrogant unreasonable, brainwashed people who you will never be able to convince them otherwise in their beliefs. The ones who are convinced that the world is going to end in 12 years. The ones who are convinced the only reason Kyle Rittenhouse was in the midst of their riot was to shoot black protestors. The ones who keep voting the likes of Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and ‘the squad’ into congress over and over again. The ones who cried loudest during the last few elections about the number of racist old white people and the need for ‘diversity’ in our leadership, only to select the most racist, oldest, whitest person as their presidential candidate. Honestly, to regain civility in our society we need to rid ourselves of the GAFAM ministry of public enlightenment and propaganda that is the MSM. Nick Sandmann gave them a hard learned lesson. But stripes on a tiger don’t fade away so hopefully Kyle will follow Nick’s advice and continue with the defunding of the MSM.

  5. These mentally unstable people have no intention of EVER giving up their power and money again. The fact that they lie, knowing we know they lie, and break the law, constitution, steal our money, etc. etc. spitting in our faces over and over should be all anyone needs to know to realize it doesn’t even matter who wins any election anymore. They will NEVER let any Republican be in power again. They want control big time, and to quote pelosi…’we’ll do whatever it takes’. They have control over every institution in the country. The whole dem party are nothing but a brainless puppet show for the global elite.

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