Afghan Refugees With SIVs Could be Housed on Military Bases

Following days of unrest in the Middle East, the Pentagon is prepared to shelter thousands of refugees fleeing the Taliban’s reign in Afghanistan on several military sites throughout the country.

As the Taliban has swept through Afghanistan following President Joe Biden’s near-total troop withdrawal, the Pentagon has now confirmed that up to 30,000 Afghan refugees will be housed on U.S. military bases in the coming days.

“The situation in Afghanistan may lead to DoS [Department of State] allowing Afghan SIV[s] (Special Immigrant Visa) applicants to be moved to temporary housing locations while still being vetted for parolee status,” the document obtained by Fox News reads.

Pentagon Spokesperson, John Kirby, reported that Fort Bliss in Texas and Fort McCoy in Wisconsin have the capability to house these applicants. As Afghanistan devolves into anarchy, Kirby did not mention U.S. citizens being offered priority evacuation status. He added that a “mix” of SIV recipients and U.S. military personnel would board flights at local airports.

“We want to have [the] capacity to get up to several thousand immediately, and want to be prepared for [the] potential of tens of thousands,” Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby told Fox. “Bliss & McCoy have [the] capability right now – what’s advantageous is without a bit of work, could increase in short order.”

This unexpected move follows the loss of Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, to the deadly Taliban, as well as reports of tens of thousands of illegals fleeing across the southern border. President Biden told Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich on July 8 that the U.S. administration would not be able to transfer Afghan interpreters to the U.S. to await visa processing, as other migrants at the southern border have done.

“The law doesn’t allow that to happen. And that’s why we’re asking Congress to consider changing the law,” Biden said of the matter at the time.

Now the Americans have been caught off guard once more, and they must handle the urgent problem of accommodating thousands of SIV Afghan candidates. Because both Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, and President Biden are on vacation this week, many Americans are left with unanswered questions regarding the present status of the Middle East.

One thing most Americans on all sides of the political spectrum agree on is the prolonged combat in Afghanistan needs to stop, and we want all U.S. soldiers out as soon as possible.


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