After a Temporary Drop, Gas Prices Spike Again in California

The Biden regime refuses to accept responsibility for soaring gas prices caused primarily because it has trashed America’s energy independence the nation enjoyed under President Donald Trump—unless the prices go down.

And, after the price temporarily and artificially decreased because of Biden’s irresponsible draining of the Strategic Petroleum Reserves, the prices are spiking once again in California and elsewhere.

KTLA News reported, “They’ve done it again. The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline has topped $6 in the state of California.

“The price rose 16 cents overnight from $5.88 on Tuesday to about $6.04 Wednesday, according to AAA’s website.”

They also noted gas prices rose 15 cents from Tuesday to Wednesday, and it’s “about 56 cents higher than just a week ago.”

Rather than the Biden regime’s radical green energy agenda and Gov. Gavin Newsom’s zealous support of it, the media attributes the rising prices to “planned maintenance on refineries, a refinery fire, and Hurricane Ian, according to AAA.” However, there is always a lag time between the cause and effect of fuel price hikes. The hurricane is still in progress, as the media is blaming it.

According to ABC 7 News, one driver said, “I think it’s crazy. They too damn high! I can’t afford nothing else really!” 

ABC also blamed “planned maintenance” rather than Biden’s and Newsom’s toxic commitment to eliminating fossil fuels. It’s as if an arsonist set a house on fire then the media blames the fire department for the fire because the water pressure was too low to put it out. 

The Biden regime started and Newsom and his Democrat legislature have contributed to this gas price “fire.”

Chevron released a statement masking any direct criticism of Newsom, instead listing a litany of “unique” “factors… specific to California.” 

The list included a glut of oppressive taxes and burdensome regulations that make California’s gas prices particularly egregious. 


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