Agency Under Stress: 3 Border Patrol Agents Commit Suicide in 3 Weeks

U.S. Customs and Border Protection personnel

There are intended and unintended consequences to any federal administration’s immoral policy of nullifying a nation’s immigration laws against people entering a country illegally. Disrespect for those charged with enforcing immigration laws on the frontlines suffer some of the most severe consequences. 


An unsettling report from the New York Post highlights this lesser-known part of the devastation. According to the Post, “The unprecedented crisis at the southern border appears to be taking a toll on rank-and-file Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers — with three agents taking their lives in November.”

In 2022, 14 CBP agents committed suicide. Reportedly, that’s the most in over 10 years. While no one can confirm the specific reasons for the deaths, “2 million people crossing the border in the last yearhundreds of immigrant deaths,” cannot have been preventive. People can also add the “high-stress situations,” unaccompanied children at the border, and “long work hours” caused by short staffing.

Illegal aliens discovered in semi-trailer at Loredo Sector

The CBP union reported the suicides included “five Office of Field Operations officers and one support staffer.” The agency has hired a suicide prevention specialist to try “to help prevent further suicides.”


The three CBP personnel who tragically took their own lives within three weeks were Roque “Rocky” Sarinana on November 6th, Javier R. Fabela on the 13th, and Robert M. Boatwright died on November 20th.

U.S. Border Patrol vehicles at law enforcement funeral

One solution the union is considering is changing the rules that treat CBP agents who report suicidal thoughts as they treat agents “placed under investigation or disciplined….” This requires agents turn in their badge and guns, cannot work overtime, and are “confined to desk duty, out of uniform,” essentially stigmatizing, ostracizing, and financially punishing them—for asking for help.


This is just another part of the border catastrophe explicitly created by Joe Biden and his despicable henchman, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, for which they need to be held accountable. Perhaps a call to the agents’ families whose loved ones were not at the Thanksgiving table and will not be joining them this Christmas this year.

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