Air Force Academy to Allow Unvaxxed Cadets to Receive Degrees but Not Officer Commissions

A follow-up to a story TTR covered on May 20th about the U.S. Air Force Academy cadets whose religious exemptions to the CCP virus “vaccine” requirement had been denied. The Air Force was threatening not to allow cadets who refused to submit to the “vaccination” to graduate.

Apparently, enough social and political pressure convinced the general who serves as the academy’s superintendent to relent—to a point. But not without his making a point that one hopes will visit him uncomfortably in his retirement as he sits on the porch in his rocker and reflects on this decision.

With all that remains unknown and worrisome about the “vaccines,” safety, and efficacy record, the USAF is standing firm in its demand the cadets get the “vaccine.” However, the Air Force Academy’s board will allow the cadets to graduate and receive their bachelor’s of science degrees, but not receive the officer commissions they’d otherwise earned.

According to American Military News, a statement from the board read, “while they will receive a degree, they will not be commissioned into the United States Air Force as long as they remain unvaccinated.”

The Air Force has not yet decided on whether they will allow the cadets to take part in the graduation ceremony on Wednesday. KKTV 11 News reported that the Secretary of the Air Force will decide whether the service academy will force cadets to “reimburse the United States for education costs in lieu of service….”

As mentioned in our original reporting, the Air Force did not explain its decision not to honor the cadets’ religious exemption requests. Reportedly, the cadets are Christians. Some defend the USAF, citing several other vaccine requirements for military service.

However, the cadets’ supporters note the other vaccines are FDA-approved and have many years or decades of research and proven efficacy. The CCP virus “vaccines” are still experimental and questions regarding their safety and efficacy abound.

And there remains the issue of the use of fetal tissue in developing the “vaccines,” which many devout Christians oppose.

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