Air Force General Holding Diplomas Hostage Unless Unvaxxed Cadets Pay a Vaccine Ransom

It seems some American institutions haven’t finished toying with Americans’ lives and careers. A pissing match has developed during what should be the waning epilogue of this politically prolonged CCP virus “pandemic.”

There’s a false “vaccine” narrative defended by political partisans as an altruistic and patriotic duty that will “save lives.” In this despicable endeavor, Americans have seen cops, firefighters, doctors, nurses, etc., many of them Christian, fired for refusing to get a vaccine they don’t want or need. Doctors even told some the vaccine could be life-threatening.

Now, as reported by the New York Post, the elite USAF Academy, may not allow four cadets to graduate because they refuse to submit to tyranny—to have an experimental “vaccine” injected into their bodies—their choice. The academy has upped the ransom, also considering forcing cadets to pay back their tuitions.

Air Force is the only service academy threatening not to graduate unvaccinated students, which also means they would not be commissioned as officers. Does this come down to the “wokeness” of those at the top?

Is there a general who’s bought into the leftist gaslighting or, even simpler, is hacked off that any mere cadet would dare to flaunt his authority? After all, why should they obey God over him?

According to KKTV 11 News, U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn is dismayed the Air Force may not allow the unvaccinated cadets to graduate. Lamborn sent a letter to Lt. Gen. Richard M. Clark, Superintendent of the U.S. Air Force Academy, “asking him to change his mind.”

Rep. Lamborn said, “I was extremely disappointed to hear that the United States Air Force Academy is planning to deny these … cadets the opportunity to graduate and serve our nation because of their request to uphold their tightly held religious beliefs.”

Some in the military continue to defend the Biden administration’s vaccination order premised on several other required vaccines. However, the others are FDA-approved and have been proven over time and testing. The “vaccine” has neither. Also, as observant Christians, the vaccine’s connection to fetal cells used during “vaccine” development is also an issue.

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