Air Force Reportedly Leaks Private Records to Democratic Opposition Research Firm

Florida Representative Anna Paulina Luna has accused the U.S. Air Force of leaking her private military records to a Democratic opposition research firm, making her the latest GOP lawmaker affected by the scandal. Several other Republicans have said that their personal information was also leaked. According to Luna, the records leaked included information about her having an alleged relationship with Russia. She has called for a criminal investigation into the matter.

Luna claims that the Air Force failed to respond to official correspondence regarding the leaks and that the investigation will likely become criminal. The leaks were allegedly made to an opposition research firm that received money from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

According to Fox News, the Air Force has admitted that the military personnel records of former GOP House candidate Jennifer-Ruth Green were released to a third party “without proper redaction,” including details of a sexual assault that occurred during her time in the Air Force.

Luna believes the opposition research firm may have leaked other information in the past and is calling for accountability, regardless of political affiliation. She says private information, such as health or service records, should not be given to anyone without consent. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s office responded to Luna’s request for answers concerning the leaked information, stating they would respond by March 17.

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