Alex Jones Sues January 6 Select Committee

On Monday, Infowars founder Alex Jones filed a lawsuit against the January 6 Select Committee. The suit is in response to subpoenas Jones received.

Jones was initially subpoenaed to produce documents by December 6 and attend a deposition on December 18. His attorneys have successfully postponed these dates.


Jones offered to provide the requested information via printed documents, but the committee declined. It insists that he must show up in person to be deposed in Washington, DC, on January 10, 2022.

But Jones has already informed the committee he will invoke his fifth amendment rights and keep his mouth shut. He’ll also be invoking his first and fourth amendment rights as the committee attempts to overextend its authority and require him to comply. 

Jones asserts he “engaged in constitutionally protected political and journalistic activity under the First Amendment, that the Fourth Amendment guarantees him a right of privacy in his papers, and that he is entitled to due process and the right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment.”

The lawsuit also points out that Jones has “good and substantial reason” that the Select Committee could cite him for contempt of Congress for his refusal to answer its questions on “grounds of constitutional privilege.”

The committee offered Jones the opportunity to speak informally with their investigators, but after careful consideration, he declined. 

Why? Because in previous similar offers, the committee hasn’t treated those persons with respect and fairness. “The Select Committee’s members have made it abundantly clear that they are only interested in prosecuting political adversaries.”

The lawsuit claims that the committee, more specifically Nancy Pelosi, has not followed the guidelines set forth for the committee itself. The committee should have 13 members but only has 9, and says:

“Speaker Pelosi’s actions both flout the requirements of H. Res. 503 and longstanding House practices.”

It goes on to say, “Despite her public statement, Speaker Pelosi has never appointed Representatives Davis, Armstrong, and Nehls to the Select Committee. Instead, she unilaterally appointed Representatives Cheney and Kinzinger over Leader McCarthy’s objections — something that H. Res. 503 never contemplated and that she herself has acknowledged is unprecedented.”

The lawsuit seeks to discredit the committee’s legal right to request anything from anyone because it isn’t following its own rules of conduct. 

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