All Charges Quietly Dropped Against Jeffrey Epstein’s Prison Guards During Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial

Seven months ago, prosecutors cut a deal with the two guards who were on duty the night Jeffrey Epstein died.

It was revealed on December 30 that the case was not only deferred until the investigation was complete, the case has been dropped entirely — as of two weeks ago.

That’s right.

While Ghislaine Maxwell was on trial for sex crimes connected to Jeffrey Epstein, prosecutors quietly dropped the pending charges against Tova Noel and Michael Thomas.

The pair were accused of being lax on the job and lying on their mandatory paperwork. According to my previous reporting, “Though the two had filled out their paperwork as per usual, they falsified the documents to say that they had made all their rounds when they hadn’t. According to original reports, they missed their 3 am and 5 am rounds due to internet surfing and nap-taking.”

Though Epstein’s death was ruled a suicide, his brother Mark hired his own coroner who said the financier’s broken neck bones were more consistent with a homicide.

Noel and Thomas entered a deferred prosecution agreement in May. The prosecution agreed that their case wouldn’t be brought to trial until after they finished cooperating with the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General’s investigation into the circumstances of Epstein’s death. The report has yet to be released.

The paperwork to free Noel and Thomas was signed by the prosecution on December 13 but wasn’t filed until December 30, the day after Maxwell was found guilty on five of the six charges she faced.

According to Law & Crime, the document filed is known as a nolle prosequi. It is a legal notice that the prosecutor has decided to abandon the prosecution, “and in this case, it is routine paperwork formalizing an arrangement entered into this past spring.”


In the nolle prosequi, Assistant U.S. Attorney Nicolas Roos wrote, “Under the agreements, prosecution was deferred for a period of six months during the term of Noel’s and Thomas’s good behavior, completion of community service, and satisfactory compliance with the terms of the agreement. The United States Pretrial Services Office has informed the Government that Noel and Thomas have complied with the terms of the agreement during the period of deferral, which expired on November 20, 2021.”

There is no word on why the filing was delayed by over two weeks.

  1. Yeah, and y’all are going to tell me that there is no cover up? There are many very rich and powerful people involved in Epstein’s sex slave island and more. Many politicians, many Hollywood people, many CEO’s, many sports athletes and many other big name people on the left that none of them want to be exposed. They would loose everything. Look at what is happening over at CNN and their sex scandals. The old Play Boy empire is about to cave in and many are trying desperately to stop names from being exposed to what happened at the many parties. Epstein was killed to keep his mouth shut. When he got exposed and was looking at being charged and going to prison for a long time, he probably went to some of those people asking for help and calling in some favors. And just like the left always does, they probably didn’t want to payback some favors, didn’t want to get involved or help. Or they may have told him to go to trial, spend some time in prison and be forgotten so they could eventually get him released. Basically they wanted him to fall on a sword for them and keep quiet. So Epstein probably threatened to expose some of them if he went to prison. So these people he did sex favors for probably panicked and paid or arranged to have him killed. Dead men tell no tails. Now, to keep this from getting any bigger they quietly dropped all charges on these guards so they would keep silent. They probably threatened them too.
    I do not believe in conspiracies, but if something look like a skunk, acts like a skunk and smells like a skunk, it probably is a skunk. And the way things have all lined up and how things are not adding up, it’s got a real heavy skunk perfume, enough to choke on. Yes, that last bit was intended.

  2. I agree. I was always hesitant of conspiracy theories, until I watched a documentary by Oliver Stone on JFK’s death. With everything presented in that documentary, I can say I believe the CIA was involved in JFK’s assassination. As a side note, I would recommend the documentary. But when he was found dead, I had a good idea that more was involved than guards simply not doing their rounds. Especially knowing the Clintons were going to be more outed than they already were. Let’s face it, Bill was on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” plane, we know he and Hillary were on Epstein’s island. And as you mentioned, there are plenty of the rich and famous who would be outed as pedophiles. He was silenced, no doubt about it. My bet is that she’s keeping her mouth shut so she doesn’t have the same fate. Of course, I wouldn’t put it past any of the pedo crowd to have her offed in prison.

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