All U.S. Military Branches Now Discharging Unvaccinated Service Members

All branches of the United States military have begun the process of letting go of unvaccinated service members.

Both the Marines and the Army announced the discharge of service members on Thursday — 103 Marines and six army officers — for their refusal to get the jab.

The vast majority of all service members are vaccinated. The Army and Navy are at approximately 98%. The Air Force is at 97.5%, and the Marine Corps is at 95%.

Of the 478,000 Army soldiers, 3,864 remain unvaccinated by choice. Another 6,200 soldiers sought temporary or permanent exemptions, including 641 medical requests and 1,746 religious requests. 

The Army approved only four permanent medical exemptions, while all other approved exemptions are temporary.

Soldiers had until December 15 to get the vaccination. No time was wasted in starting the discharge process for those who refused to comply. In January, the Army will begin the process of separating soldiers who continue to refuse the order.

The Army has already issued 2,767 reprimands to soldiers in addition to relieving the six active-duty leaders, including two battalion commanders. These officers ranked from sergeant to lieutenant colonel.

Reprimands allow a soldier to continue serving but prevent promotion, which essentially can stall out one’s military career. A reprimand will not be undone if individuals receive the vaccine after the fact.

The Marines have approved 1,007 exemptions, with 3,144 requests for religious accommodation in the works. If a Marine is separated, they receive a general discharge under honorable conditions. This ensures the Marines keep their post-military benefits.

The same week the Air Force announced the release of 27 members, the Navy announced they will begin releasing sailors who remain unvaccinated. There are 5,731 unvaccinated active-duty sailors versus the 336,000 who are vaccinated. 

According to Politico, the Navy said that “unvaccinated officers and enlisted sailors eligible to retire or leave the service before June 1, 2022, will be allowed to do so with an honorable discharge.”

If a sailor does not meet that eligibility, Rear Admiral James Waters said they “will be processed for separation based on misconduct for refusing the lawful order to be vaccinated.” The sailors will still receive an honorable discharge.

The Army commanders join Navy Commander Lucian Kins, the executive officer of the destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill, as the highest-ranking military officers to be discharged for their vaccine refusal.

  1. Psychological warfare: Cripple your opponent’s armed forces; Beijing won that round without even firing a shot. And appears to have done it with our support and cooperation.

  2. The military is already lacking in people willing to join…and not only did these brave men and women do what noone else would they put there lives on the line everyday to fight for the right to have the freedoms to say no to the poke and now they are getting kicked out because of it….hypocrisy much?

  3. We’re losing the our nation’s security all over a stupid cold?!!! This is beyond absurd… and why the military leaders are so easily folding to the pressure of this evil government is beyond my ability to grasp. I never dreamed the military leaders would be so weak and utterly stupid! God is the only one who can save us… if He will.

  4. This is NOT a vaccine. It is a bio-weapon/gene change/way to lower the population and weaken Americans/America so another country can come in and take over. It is a different kind of war. Innocent/healthy people are dying by injection. Fauci/Gates etc weaponized the Corona virus…funded patent/simulated and want to make trillions off the weaponized treatment and usher in the New World order/UN/China/”the left”. This is Spiritual war. They want to change the genetic code of people/animals/plants as they play god and this earth which is their playground. Treason….Trashing America/Americans/military, weather/food supply, fuel supply, jobs, economy, businesses, health, less safe, weakening the military, war may happen?,, shipping issues, schools, transportation, life, liberty, freedom, etc..

  5. Weaken/kill off the military/America/Americans with the weaponized shot/treatments. A different kind of war as they trash American’s health/life/food/fuel/weather and all aspects of their life. The government killing it’s own people/trashing everything. Congress etc has stock in the weaponized shot and they are exempt from getting it. They are making millions off of this plandemic…all planned to profit them.

  6. They are in a rush to do this hoping that it will tie the hands of the courts regarding the pending lawsuits.Their hope is the courts will side with the administration otherwise they would have to call back all those they erroneously discharged.

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