Amazon Escapes Woke Seattle Policies It Supported

Amazon is one of America’s “wokest” corporations. After all, its billionaire owner, Jeff Bezos, also owns The Washington Post, which is perhaps even “woker.” Amazon infamously contributed to “wokefying” the nation when it bullied “unwoke” Parler social media platform off its Amazon Web Services (AWS), taking food off working people’s tables and crushing speech.

But that wokeness didn’t inoculate them from the consequences of years of supporting the Seattle government’s leftist ideology. After all, Amazon was a big supporter of BLM… until it wasn’t. It’s easy to shift support when you have no moral center. You just think you do because you’re better than other people—especially conservatives.

Recently, Amazon announced, “due to a huge uptick in violent crime,” it is moving 1,800 employees to safer locations than downtown Seattle, according to The Daily Signal.  The New York Post reported, “We are hopeful that conditions will improve and that we will be able to bring employees back to this location when it is safe to do so.”

Seattle government, under radical leftist politicians like Mike McGinn and Jenny Durkan and the largely anti-police Seattle City Council, acts like Kryptonite to the city’s police officers. The crime and violence “surge” could be solved tomorrow if the city’s politicians would allow the cops to do what the city paid to train them to do. It’s that simple.

This flight from crime is nothing new in Seattle. The King County Courthouse, in downtown Seattle, is so dangerous they had to hire security guards to escort employees to buses, trains, and ferries. This was partly due to crime so bad there was an attempted rape in a women’s restroom inside the courthouse. The suspect “resided” in an infamous transient camp located next to the courthouse.

Fortunately, there are signs Amazon employees may be able eventually to return. Last fall, Seattle voters elected a Republican City Attorney, Ann Davison. They also elected a more reasonable (whatever that means in Seattle-speak) Bruce Harrell as mayor. Still, the radical left is so entrenched, even when Seattleites, like at Amazon, are on the verge of becoming reasonable, it scares them.

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