Amazon Workers Pressing Company Leadership to Join Unrestricted-Abortion Death Cult

Never has the phrase, the lunatics are running the asylum had so much resonance. Despite other corporations recognizing, as TTR reported on last week, the “Go Woke; Go Broke” reality, Amazon’s “petulant children” can’t help but whine to their “parents.”

Overstating the implications of SCOTUS correcting the Roe v. Wade error, the entitled collective sent “An Open Letter to Amazon Leadership,” [link added]. “We the undersigned, come to you today to request immediate and decisive action against the threat to our basic human rights with the overturning of Roe v. Wade.”

Amazon leadership should have stopped reading and said, “Where do you think you are? Get back to work!”

The Daily Wire’s Ben Zeisloft wrote,” Amazon employees of ‘all genders’ are requesting time off to mourn the end of Roe v. Wade and demanding that the company cease operations in pro-life states.”

But Amazon hasn’t learned appeasing petty tyrants is not a great idea. Nevertheless, Amazon appears to have joined the Democrat/corporate, pro-nonrestricted abortion death cult, and promised “to cover as much as $4,000 in expenses for employees… to procure an [out of state] abortion.”

But it’s not just Amazon funding abortions. Won’t customers be paying for abortions when purchasing from Amazon.

Amazon’s belligerent brood also wants the corporation to condemn the ruling, allow employees time off to wail and gnash their teeth, to “organize company-sponsored protests,” and to create “bail funds…” to assist, wait for it… “groups working to expand abortion for women and pregnant people…” [emphasis added].

Why would peaceful protesters need bail funds?

Lucid people are incapable, if they’ve read this far, to continue beyond “pregnant people.” Actual biologists everywhere are cringing.

And what about the employees (and customers) who support the Court’s decision? Oh, right. You’re Democrats, so your political opponents’ views don’t matter.

Also, let employees move to pro-abortion states, don’t sell pro-life products, don’t donate to pro-life groups, change policies to not “aid and abet” anything and everything (in the universe) pro-life/anti-abortion, and to stop operating in pro-life states.

That’s all?

Once again, this new radical left must combine its perverted ideology with aberrant activism to be relevant in the revolution.

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