American and Chinese Presidents Meet For First Time at G 20 Summit

Xi Jinping and Joe Biden

For a guy who often says, “Watch me,” when a reporter challenges him on his mental fitness for the job, Joe Biden may want to use another catchphrase because Americans are watching him. And it’s not inspiring confidence. 

FOX News reported, “President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping have met together Monday for the first time in person since Biden took office on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Indonesia, with Biden raising concerns about Beijing’s ‘coercive and increasingly aggressive actions toward Taiwan,’ among other areas of tension, the White House says.”

While many Americans would like to see Biden challenge Xi on China’s human rights atrocities, the origin of the CCP virus, and China’s part in the Fentanyl scourge poisoning our nation, Biden seems more interested in talking about climate change.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “The first in-person meeting between the two leaders since Mr. Biden became president stretched over roughly three hours, including a break. Sending a message on Taiwan was China’s top priority for the meeting. Mr. Xi told Mr. Biden the self-governing island, which China claims as its territory, is the most significant red line in the China-U.S. relationship that can never be crossed, according to the Chinese readout. Mr. Xi said that Taiwanese independence was as incompatible to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait as ‘fire and water.’”

Biden duly noted Xi’s veiled warnings and promptly groveled, reasserting the U.S.’s commitment to the one-(Communist) China policy without a hint of solace for Taiwan—a free country. But with who-knows-what lurking behind and beneath the Biden family’s connections to China, what else could the “Big Guy” do? 

Mysteriously, Americans also watched him, as Biden, according to The Washington Times, “unexpectedly skipped the gala leaders’ dinner, returning to his hotel room for the evening. It is unclear why Mr. Biden decided on the last-minute change to his schedule….”



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