American Food Supply Faces Over a Dozen Bizarre Accidents in Just Four Months

While the world is focused on war, the United States is facing a food shortage after an unusual succession of fires, plane crashes, and explosions occurred at over a dozen food processing facilities and distribution centers over the last four months.

Is it just a strange coincidence? Let’s take a look at what’s happened.

The year started with an explosion and a raging fire engulfing the Cargill-Nutrena plant in Lecompte, Louisiana on January 13. It took firefighters nearly 12 hours to put the fire out at the feed mill.

Then, Wisconsin River Meats made a public announcement after their facilities were ravaged by a fire on February 3. It said, “Yes there was a fire at out [sic] plant last night. We thank Mauston and surrounding area Fire Departments for their response. The old portion of the plant is a total loss.”

America’s largest soy processing plant became a victim of a fire on February 15. Louis Dreyfus Co. suspended deliveries after the fire but has since resumed operations.

On February 22, Shearers Food Plant in Oregon sustained a large explosion that resulted in letting all of its employees go. The plant processed potatoes and corn.

A Hot Pockets plant in Jonesboro, Arkansas was decimated after it caught fire on March 16.

That very same day, a Walmart distribution center also caught fire. 

A Maine potato processing plant, Penobscot McCrum, caught fire on March 24, destroying the facility in Belfast. The fire was attributed to a deep fryer. 

Around 50,000 pounds of food was lost at the Maricopa Food Pantry in Arizona on March 28. The fire started just a mere 15 minutes after the food bank closed for the day.

On April 11, firefighters from several departments in Maine responded to a massive fire that ultimately destroyed the East Conway Beef & Pork butcher shop and meat market in Center Conway, New Hampshire.

Just two days later on April 13, Taylor Farms, a packaged salad plant in Salinas about 110 miles south of San Francisco, caught fire. Firefighters ordered 2,700 nearby residents to evacuate and 35,000 more to stay inside their homes after the massive fire was brought under control. Deputy Fire Chief Sam Klemek said, “About 85% to 95% of the building is a total loss.”

The same day, an Idaho woman crashed her small plane into the Gem State Processing plant in Idaho. It’s unclear if the plant’s operations have been affected. 

The United States’ largest independent food distributor, Azure Standard Headquarters, located in Oregon, sustained massive fire damage on Monday, April 18, 2022. Parts of the facility were decimated.

Vision Times reported that “basically any…liquid product,” such as honey, oil, and vinegar, will be out of stock as a result of the damage.

While these are just the 2022 occurrences, this bizarre chain of seemingly unrelated events began in 2021 after the Tyson Foods meat processing plant closed due to a fire. The company provided 6% of American beef. 

Two more beef processing plants burned after that — one in Atlanta and another in Nebraska. 

Coincidence? You be the judge.

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