American Jobs and Higher Taxes

Today, President Joe Biden traveled to Lake Charles, Louisiana, to deliver his remarks near the Calcasieu River Bridge regarding the recent proposed $2.3 trillion dollar American Jobs Plan.

President Biden spoke in front of the historic, 70-year-old I-10 bridge over the Calcasieu to highlight his intent to help rebuild the nation’s infrastructure.

Biden described the plan as a “once in a generation investment” that will “create jobs to modernize bridges, roads , highways, ports , airports, water-pipes, water projects ,high speed Internet, transmission lines, and sustainable housing.”

Biden remarked, “The American Jobs Plan is a blue-collar blueprint to rebuild America, to supercharge our economy.”

The president is suggesting to pay for the plan by undoing the 2017 tax cuts signed into law by President Donald Trump and raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%. Biden argues that the $2.3 trillion dollars proposed plan would create about 16 million jobs, rebuild our country’s infrastructure, and position the United States to compete with China by strictly only doing business with American business.

He began his speech alluding to the fact that the Biden administration has so far administered 600 million doses of the vaccine. However, according to the CDC, as of May 5, only 321,549,335 total doses have been distributed, and of those, only 249,566,820 have been administered.

During the press conference, President Biden hinted at the fact that a significant portion of this bill will be solely devoted largely to ‘building and repairing physical infrastructure’ with an emphasis on climate change.

The POTUS highlighted Louisiana’s extreme weather events, costing the state up to $50 billion in damages. Lake Charles was hit by two hurricanes in 2020, causing a floating casino on the Calcasieu River to crash into the Interstate 10 bridge.

The appearance in Louisiana is part of the Biden administration’s “Getting America Back on Track Tour” to help pitch the spending proposals. Already, Biden’s “American Jobs Plan” has received opposition from several Republican lawmakers and GOP senators.

In March, Former President Donald Trump released a statement criticizing his successor’s new $2.3 trillion dollar infrastructure bill.

“Joe Biden’s radical plan to implement the largest tax hike in American history is a massive giveaway to China, and many other countries, that will send thousands of factories, millions of jobs, and trillions of dollars to these competitive Nations,” Trump wrote in a statement.

“The Biden plan will crush American workers and decimate U.S. manufacturing, while giving special tax privileges to outsourcers, foreign and giant multinational corporations.” said Trump.

Nevertheless, Biden vows that The American Jobs Plan will force corporate giants to “pay their fair share “by increasing corporate tax rates as well as a tax hike for individuals making 200,000, invalidating Biden’s initial campaign promises only to increase taxes individuals who make over $400,000 a year.

The Biden administration hasn’t said whether it will use reconciliation to pass legislation related to its infrastructure agenda, though it seems likely due to the lack of Republican support.

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