Americans Belief in God at All-Time Low

On Friday, Gallup released a poll showing America’s belief in God is at record low levels. Only 81% of Americans polled believe in God. 

The responses were the lowest since the survey began in 1944. From 2o13-2o17, 87% of Americans said they believed in God. Gallup stated:

“Fewer Americans today than five years ago believe in God, and the percentage is down even more from the 1950s and 1960s when almost all Americans did. Still, the vast majority of Americans believe in God, whether that means they believe a higher power hears prayers and can intervene or not.”

The results were not the same demographically. Democrats and liberals had the largest drop in the belief in God. This group dropped 10 points from the 2013-2017 study.

The survey found virtually “no change” among Conservatives and those who are married. 92% of Republicans believe in God, vs 72% of Democrats. Only 68% of young people polled believe in God. The Southern part of the US had the highest amount of believers at 86%. From 2013-to 2017, this region had a 93% belief in God.

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