Americans Can Expect Monthly Child Tax Credit

America has another arbitrary day to bring awareness to parents with minor children. On June 21, a day now dubbed Child Tax Credit Awareness Day, President Biden reminded us about the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.

The statement released by the White House starts with Biden wanting to remind and assure everyone that he is a good guy and wants to help the people. It’s a great reminder for people right before he pays everyone off for the next year, making them dependent on the government for their daily survival.

“I have repeatedly said that America’s middle class deserves a tax cut, and we’re providing a significant tax cut to America’s working families with children through the largest-ever child tax credit.”

The idea behind the plan is a valiant one, but unfortunately, it is being exploited by the current administration as if they are doing the American people a huge favor.

The monthly payment of $250-$300 per child will help people in the interim. However, it will not stop prices from rising, nor will it help encourage people to seek jobs.

Under the new Child Care Tax Credit limit, the yearly amount was raised from $2000 per child to $3000 for children 6 and older and $3600 for children 5 and younger.

Parents can expect to receive half of that payment via monthly stipends of $250-$300 per month per child beginning July 15. The President’s statement is unclear how the remaining portion will be paid, though it will likely come via annual taxes. Nearly all families who have filed taxes in the last two years will receive this tax cut automatically.

If someone has five children under the new tax credit, they would potentially be receiving $2500-$3000 per month. The President hasn’t decided exactly when the tax credit will end yet, though it’s only received an official sign-off for one year.

The statement also says that “Just as Americans came together in support of the American Rescue Plan, we’re asking Americans to come together to build support and awareness for this vital tax relief for families, to help us extend it for years to come, and to ensure we get all children in our nation’s low-income families signed up this year.”

“If we’re able to get every family signed up, it will mean significant tax relief for America’s working families, and will help bring us even closer to cutting child poverty in half,” Biden continues to make promises without long-term stability.

According to the New York Post, V.P. Harris commented on the American Rescue Plan and the tax credit. “When more families are aware of the assistance provided by the American Rescue Plan, and how to obtain it, we will be able to lift our children out of poverty. That is also how we will help our country’s middle class.”

What about handling the border crisis or addressing the new asylum law that allows immigrants to wait on US soil for their official authorization to be in the country?

It seems that when it comes to getting a big ol’ pat on the pat for “doing good,” Vice President Kamala Harris is all about being in the spotlight, front and center, riding the coattails of others.

One could argue that she doesn’t seem to care about being the one to initially solve problems. She simply wants everyone to congratulate her and “spread the word.”

How exactly does giving people money — instead of pushing them towards gainful employment — encourage them to stand on their own and get out of poverty?

“We need your help. Whether you are spending some time over the next couple days, you know, at the grocery store or at work or at school or at church – wherever you run into people, perfect strangers, just go on up and introduce yourself and tell them about the Child Tax Credit. Let them know it’s available. Spread the word. Let them know help is here,” she continued. It’s the old “teach a man to fish” parable coming to life, and many employers across the country have “Now Hiring” signs displayed in their windows, as the June 8 release of job openings suggests.

The current administration seems to boast and tout like they are doing the American people a favor after over a year of tyrannical lockdowns, mask mandates, and the closure of many small businesses. Many see this as an insult and salt in the wound.

What happens to these families after they can no longer receive these monthly balloon payments? They will have become dependent on them, likely changing their entire lives as now they don’t have to work so hard, if at all.

The statement closes with, “To help or sign up, please go to ChildTaxCredit.Gov. It provides simple, useful information, in both English and Spanish, as well as a link to help families sign up. For parents working to make ends meet and raise their children with greater security, dignity, and opportunity, help is here. On this Child Tax Credit Awareness day, let us all work together to make sure that the help that is here reaches those who most need it, this year and for years to come.”

Every American entitled to the money should make their own decision on receiving it, and likely most will. It’s crucial to maintain our own sovereignty. Instead of depending on the monthly stipend alone to sustain us, we use it to further our own joyful life independent of government support.

When we let the government take over and do more for us, we begin to potentially forever lose our right to choose for ourselves.


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