Americans Wants GOP Candidates to Fix Economy but Prefer Someone Pro-Choice

A new ABC/IPSOS poll shows that Americans have more trust in a Republican candidate to fix high inflation and the economy. On the flip side, the majority of Americans prefer a candidate who supports abortion access versus someone who wants limited or no abortion access.

34% of voters said they would trust the GOP to handle economic issues, compared with 25% who would trust Democrats. When it comes to the abortion issue, 49% of people were more likely to vote for someone who wants to keep abortion legal and available. Only 27% favored a candidate that wants to limit abortion except if the mother’s life is at risk.

In the same poll, only 12% of respondents felt the economy was improving. 69% believe the country’s financial health will get worse. Only 37% of people believe Biden is doing a good job at handling the economic recovery. This number has remained unchanged since the last survey in June.

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