AmEx Called Out by the American Conservative Union for CRT Training

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The American Conservative Union (ACU), which hosts the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), wrote a letter to American Express scolding them for their critical race theory training and hard-line stance against Republicans contesting the 2020 election results. In the letter, the ACU threatened to use its considerable political clout against the company unless it changed course.

The letter states in part, “On behalf of millions of conservatives around the world, but especially those in the United States, the American Conservative Union (ACU) is writing to thank you for giving us one of the best examples of hypocrisy we have ever witnessed among woke capitalists. Despite being one of the world’s premiere for-profit companies, you have attempted to indoctrinate your employees to hate capitalism through a racist “critical race theory” (CRT) program.”

They continue, “Rather than using AmEx’s capital to worsen racial animus and teach employees to hate America, perhaps you could use immense wealth to help communities of color achieve success under the American capitalist system from which you have benefited so greatly. In any case, the wealth you earned under capitalism is all yours to spend as you choose. For now, you do not have to redistribute your wealth according to the increasingly socialist agenda.”

The ACU made three demands of American Express.

  •  “Renounce racist CRT ideologies
  • Renounce your pledge to boycott the campaigns of politicians who support voter ID
  • Allow pro-America voices to have equal time in front of employees”

The letter concludes, saying, “we suggest you reach out and respond, or we will assume that AmEx has become an arm of a new, radical Democrat party, and we will have no choice but to fight you at every turn.”

In a Fox Business interview, ACU chairman Matt Schlapp discussed the letter, saying, “When you do CRT training, you are playing a large role in ripping America apart.” Such training “make White straight Christian male employees apologize for being White, straight, male and Christian.” Schlapp also stated he believes race-based discrimination is “alive and well in too many corporate offices.” Recently, toy company Hasbro was also exposed for pushing CRT on its employees.

The letter comes after an op-ed from Chris Rufo that revealed American Express was subjecting employees to critical race theory training. The training was reportedly part of an “anti-racism initiative” formed after the death of George Floyd and included core principles of CRT such as privilege, intersectionality, and oppressors. The training also urged white employees not to use certain phrases they labeled “microaggressions,” such as “I don’t see color,” “we are all human beings,” and “everyone can succeed in this society if they work hard enough.”


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