Angry Mob Goes After YouTuber in the Name of Palestine

Riiver Nihil
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As if hate hasn’t fueled enough destruction lately, a Muslim YouTuber was attacked in his home Sunday night. Abu Layth was home with his family when a mob of masked youth waving a Palestine flag decided to invade.

In a video on Twitter, several people dressed all in black arrive at Layth’s house, shouting profanities. “Yo, this is for that dirty dog, Abu Layth, who disrespects our brothers and sisters of Palestine,” can be heard by the person filming the ordeal. They begin throwing bricks or stones at the windows, shattering them. They quickly break down the front door and enter the house as screaming can be heard from within.

This small group of what appears to be all men is under the impression that Layth has disrespected Palestine, and they are out for blood.

According to Layth, this stems from a video in August 2020 circulating the internet. He claims that the video was altered by those who oppose him. It creates the illusion that Layth is anti-Palestine, and this did not sit well with the assailants.

He knew there was a false video of him in circulation and had recently addressed the issue to his followers on Facebook: ‘This is NOT a video I have created, or uploaded, but is instead cut and pasted and uploaded by my haters in an absurd attempt to defame me. The really disgusting element is how these people are exploiting the Palestinian tragedy to further their hateful agendas against me.’

Layth was clear about his views of the attack, “This (is) a consequence of hate-mongering and people sharing cut and paste videos of me on Palestine… foolish people circulating videos creating hate against me. There’s consequences to creating hate.”

The attackers didn’t get the memo, which begs the question – did they do this simply for clout, or did they genuinely believe in the mission?

Either way, it is against the law, and they will be held accountable for their actions. West Midlands Police said, “‘We are investigating after a group of men attacked a house with weapons in Bucklands End Lane in Birmingham just before 11pm last night (16 May). We are conducting house to house enquiries as well as forensic and CCTV examination in the area.”

Although the attackers entered the home, no one was injured. There were two young children present who have since moved. British authorities are asking that “anyone with information to contact us via Live Chat on our website or by calling 101 quoting log 3985 of 16/5. Information can also be given anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

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