Anne Heche Dead a Week after Car Crash

On Friday, Actor Anne Heche was declared brain-dead a week after she crashed her car into a house on August 5, putting her in a coma. According to California law, when a person is declared brain-dead, it is considered actual death. She was 53.

Cocaine was found in her system, but no alcohol. Fentanyl was also found but it’s unclear if she was given the medication at the hospital or not. She was escaping a hit-and-run accident she caused in an apartment complex before careening down a residential street in Los Angeles, plowing into a home and bursting into flames.

A Ring camera captured her blue Mini Cooper speeding down the street along with the sound of her car crashing.

She was conscious when the fire department arrived but slipped into a coma on the way to the hospital. She never regained consciousness.

Though brain-dead, doctors are keeping her body on life support until it can be determined if her organs can be donated.

Heche is known for her big screen roles including “Donnie Brasco,” “Volcano,” “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “Six Days Seven Nights,” “Return to Paradise,” the “Psycho” remake, and “Wag the Dog.”

She also starred in several TV shows, like “Men in Trees,” “Hung,” “Aftermath,” and “The Brave,” as well as voice work for the animated TV series “The Legend of Korra.”

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