On The Anniversary Of George Floyd’s Death, Riots Break Out In Portland

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Portland’s threat level escalated last night as police were forced to declare that a riot was taking place in the city. Rioters attacked local government buildings with graffiti and fireworks, breaking windows, and lighting nearby dumpsters on fire.


Reporter Andy Ngô, famous for documenting the terror caused by Antifa and BLM riots worldwide, tweeted that the riot was planned to attempt to dispel rumors that it was a protest that got out of hand. Ngô said, “All out for George Floyd” #Antifa in Portland announced a riot for tonight outside the Justice Center located downtown. A year ago, they stormed the building and set the ground floor on fire before running into downtown to loot. #BLM”


The Portland Police Department warned residents that the streets were becoming filled with the dangerous crowd tweeting at 11:53 p.m. E.T. that “drivers should avoid the area and the blocks around it.”

At 12:22 p.m., the police announced that the crowd had turned violent. Portland P.D. said, “While this crowd is yelling, ‘Burn the building down,’ some individuals in the crowd have lit a dumpster on fire that has been pushed up against the Justice Center.”

Although the group was actively throwing water bottles and other projectiles at the police and causing damage to government and private buildings, the police declared it was “an unlawful assembly,” not a riot.

The tweet announced, “Portland Police are giving loudspeaker announcements to not engage in criminal activity to include vandalism and arson,” the tweet said. “Warnings have been given to the individuals that if they do so, they are subject to arrest and use of force. This is now an unlawful assembly.”

The rioters marched to City Hall, causing destruction along the way. Finally, after discovering the rioters breaking more windows, leaving metal spikes in the road, and throwing projectiles of frozen water bottles, eggs, and rocks at police officers, the announcement was made that “this unlawful assembly has now been declared a riot.”

The Portland P.D. said, “Individuals have been warned that if they continue to engage in criminal activity, they are subject to arrest and use of force.” As a result, “targeted arrests have been made of some who have engaged in criminal activity,” the department announced.

The Oregon Live detailed the damage left in the wake of the unlawful assembly turned riot. Two hundred people reportedly showed up to the riot on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death.

To mark the anniversary, the Police Chief of Portland released a statement saying in part that “the Portland Police Bureau is committed to public safety, with an emphasis on the sanctity of life and respect for all.” It continued saying that they “look forward to making closer connections and strengthening relationships.” The Chief promised to continue to work “together to increase safety, equity and peace” in Portland.

The report stated that the Portland police arrested “Elizabeth Hall, 30, who was charged with Criminal Mischief II; Emery Hall, 30, Criminal Mischief II and Escape III; Rhiannon Millar-Griffin, 23, Criminal Mischief I and Riot; Jacob Myers, 22, Criminal Mischief I; Jarrid Huber, 21, Arson I, Criminal Mischief I, five counts of Criminal Mischief II and Riot.”


Reporter Andy Ngô released footage of the riot where the Portland Police were hit with mortar fireworks from #antifa when they retreated from the riot.” He reported that “Antifa set a large fire on the side of the Justice Center that required police & the fire department to respond.”

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