Another Biden Advisor Reportedly Linked To Chinese Communist Party

According to the National Post, evidence was uncovered that Joe Biden is again intimately compromised by the Chinese government and, specifically, its spy agency.

Biden’s Special Assistant on National Security Agency personnel (NSA), Thomas Zimmerman, reportedly is “a recent collaborator with the Chinese Communist Party.”

The report cites Thomas Zimmerman’s bio on New York University’s Center on International Cooperation’s website and his now-deleted Linked-In profile to connect Zimmerman’s work for NYU Center on International Cooperation to the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS).

Zimmerman reportedly “doubled as a fellow” at the Shanghai Academy, which the report states “has been flagged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for its close ties to the Chinese Communist Party’s top spy agency: the Ministry of State Security.”

In 2020 court documents reported by the Washington Free Beacon concerning the American think-tank, The Brookings Institution, said, “the FBI believes that senior Chinese officials use the Shanghai Academy of Social Science for “cover identities” and tap its employees as “spotters and assessors” of potential spies.”

The court case involved a retired CIA officer, Kevin Patrick, convicted of selling secrets to the CCP after a Chinese spy reportedly contacted Patrick through Linked-In, and “represented himself to Mallory as working for a PRC think tank, the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.”

The FBI affidavit reportedly flagged the CCP spy agency claiming that the Ministry of State Security is “focused on identifying and influencing the foreign policy of other countries.” The affidavit also states that China’s spy agency completes “clandestine and overt human source operations, of which the United States is a principal target.”

Zimmerman is not the only adviser of Biden’s to be connected to the Chinese Communist Party. The Washington Free Beacon reports that Biden’s campaign has almost 24 “scholars at Brookings” that advised Biden’s campaign.

In a 2018 press report from the Gulf Times, the Brookings Doha Center Director, Dr. Tarik Yousef, said, “We are pleased to establish this collaboration with a top think-tank such as SASS whereby we will produce policy-oriented research on the growing strategic relations between the Middle East and China.”

The NP report also connected Thomas Zimmerman to the Shanghai Institute of American Studies (SIAS), where he “hosted an academic salon.”

Zimmerman reportedly joined Chinese Communist Party adviser Li Lifan as a host on “topics concerning counter-terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan, security issues in Central Asia, the US perspective on the One Belt One Road initiative, and security issues in South Asia.”

And not surprisingly, the SIAS is also reportedly paid by the Chinese Communist Party to “provide advisory services to the central government as well as local decision-makers.”

The NP report states that the “Biden White House’s budget report which details the salaries of Executive Office of the President employees, reveals that Zimmerman is serving as Special Assistant to the President on National Security Agency Personnel with a yearly salary of $110,000.”


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