Another Canadian Cop Disheartened, Seeing Officers “Doing Politicians’ Dirty Work”

There’s the recent story of an RCMP Mountie, who retired in protest, after eight years on Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s protection detail. Now, another Canadian cop is fed up with what he sees as federal and local governments misusing police to abridge peaceful peoples’ rights.

Calgary Police Service (CPS) Constable Nick Motycka posted a video to, expressing his sadness over Ottawa cops ordered to confiscate fuel intended for the Freedom Convoy, including from individuals with gas cans.

In polite, Canadian fashion, this video explains how people organized another protest with people carrying empty fuel containers.

The NBC news report shows Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly expressing a visceral contempt for the peaceful protest absent from the handling of left-wing protests in Canada and the U.S. reports, Calgary Police Service confirmed Motycka is a CPS constable. Const. Motycka said the incident struck him deeply and feels it’s antithetical to what police officers should do.

Motycka reads from what appears to be a handwritten journal.

Today was a hard day for me. Something was taken away… I can never get back. Watching members of the Ottawa Police Service seize fuel from peaceful protesters took away a long-held belief that I thought to be a lasting truth. And that is, that the police are here, when push really comes to shove, to protect and help people. I will never see my profession in the same light that I did before today. What I saw was the police doing politicians’ dirty work, like hired goons.

He says this isn’t why he got into law enforcement. Being a cop means, “doing what was right, even when no one was looking, was always the right decision.”

He adds, “I was just following orders is no longer an excuse.” Cops must “stand up and speak out by refusing to breach your fellow citizens’ fundamental “Charter rights.”

Motycka concludes, “There is no doubt that we are all a part of history right now. I have one question for you. Which side do you want to be on?” reports the CPS is investigating Motycka’s video.



  1. I can only imagine how the Good, honorable police officers must feel to see what has happened to those who choose to dishonor their oath. I saw the video of this brave (former) officer. It was difficult to watch.
    May our Sweet, Precious and Mighty Lord bless you and your family, Brother Brandon.

  2. Hats off to Constable Nick Motycka and as difficult as it is for him, he is doing the right thing and I pray more will follow. Just like the tow truck companies that refuse to move the trucks.
    Constable Nick Motycka said: “I was just following orders is no longer an excuse.” never has been an excuse, ever! That should Never be used to justify any illegal, immoral, anti Constitutional or for the abuse of human rights of any law enforcement agency. They are to set an example and be above reproach. That was made clear at the War Crimes Trials after WWII. There were many defendants that expressed I was just following orders may times times. That didn’t save them from the hangman’s noose and the death dance that followed dangling at the end of that drop. It wasn’t just Camp Guards and military leaders. There were Judges, doctors, Lawyers, Police and more that met that fate too or died in prison for “Just following orders”.
    All the Constables “just following orders” know that what they are doing is a crime against morality and human rights and a complete defilement and abuse of the Constable Oath they took. This is what happens when the political power forces to good Police to leave and keep the bad ones. They get Boot Licking Thugs to follow orders that become traders to their oath and then abuse the power given to them by politicians. They are all cowards though, afraid to lose their jobs and misguided power and will do anything to keep it. That is what happened in Nazi Germany and that is exactly what Trudeau and the Liberal Party is doing in Canada. There is no real difference except they haven’t ordered anyone killed to make an example of. Yet.
    I hope this somehow gets to these fools. They all think they are above the law because they make the laws. Remember, that happened in Nazi Germany too. They can pass all the laws they want, they can get their toadies to infiltrate the demonstrators to do things to make the Truckers look bad. But sooner or later you will push the citizens too far or do enough to ensure that they will wind up hanging from the end of a rope.
    Trudeau is the biggest coward of all because he can’t meet with anyone that disagrees with the mandates his puppet masters are are handing him. Trudeau has no way of justifying what he has and is doing, so he runs away and hides like the coward all dictators are once they lose control. Trudeau has lost control, respect and power because everyone can see now that he had no power from the beginning. He was a puppet controlled by the strings that his master are pulling. The only real choice left for him and the liberals in Parliament is to step down. They have become a bunch of pathetic clowns that deserve no respect from anyone. All they had to do was talk to them, listen to their grievances and offer some help to have prevented all this. Now it is too late and they lost the respect of the people. Now they have joined with the truckers and are making their own demands. But all these cowardly hard headed fools can do is double down, disrespect the laws and call out the boot licking police thugs to do their dirty work against human decency and stomp on their rights. Then call them names and try to make them look like the aggressors and try and take their fuel away. What a bunch of retarded fools they are! How are you going to move the trucks if they run out of fuel? It takes some work to get a diesel started when it runs out of fuel and air gets in the lines. Everyone around the world is seeing that Trudeau, his Parliament Toadies and his politically corrupt police thugs are all a bunch of ignorant clown fools that have no common sense at all.


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