Another Smash and Grab Robbery Occurs in San Francisco; This Time Involving Young Children

Smash and grab robberies have become all too common in San Francisco. In this latest style robbery, a car was broken into while a family with young children was parked. The robbers broke in and made off with several valuable items.

When the robbery happened, Kimberly Balde, her sister, Katherine, and her two young children were in the car.

They had stopped the car on Lombard street when the robber attacked. The suspect smashed the car’s back window and stole Kimberly’s bag, her children’s birth certificates, her sister’s passport, and other valuables. 

Balde reported that her family was in the car when she heard a smash. She jumped out of the vehicle but said, “It was quick; it was five seconds.”

Balde continued:

“You could see people were in the car so each seat was taken and my two daughters were in the back, one’s two and one’s four and it was behind the 4-year-old and like I said, she seen him. He was wearing all black with a black ski mask and she said, ‘that ninja took that bag.’”

A neighbor witnessed the event and was able to take a picture of the scene. The neighbor reported that the three cars had been circling the area, and they were involved in the robbery. The photo shows a gray Dodge SUV with a man looking into the back of a red minivan. The suspect was wearing a hoodie and ski mask to conceal his identity.

Balde believes her family were victims of an organized smash and grab robbery. She noted, “It’s an organized crime for sure, like, they have it well thought out. It was a five-second deal, and if they can get away with it in five seconds, why wouldn’t they keep doing it.”

Balde was visiting from Chicago and is used to cities experiencing crime. She said that even her cousin warned her about the rampant smash and grabs in San Francisco. She reports:

 “My cousin said it though from the very beginning, ‘you gotta watch it. They have smash and grabs here.’ Her boyfriend said it. We were extra careful like we were trying to be extra careful, but when you’re not and you do let your guard down. We snoozed. We snoozed. We sure did.”

Balde was prepared and used an air tag “airtag” on her laptop that tracks the location of her bag. The sisters filed a police report and informed officers of the GPS tracker. The tracker is on, and the location is moving, but no arrests have been made. 

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  1. And the police are not going to follow the gps tracker …. Why would they when the prosecutor would not file charges !!!

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