Another Woman Claims That Her Young Daughter Was Exposed To Male Genitalia At Wi Spa

Update on the alarming incident at Wi Spa in Los Angeles. In an exclusive with the publication, The Post Millennial (PM), a woman claims that her 6-year-old daughter was subjected to seeing the naked man in the women-only area.

The report said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous, brought her daughter with her to the spa a year ago, where she claims a biological male got into the women’s only hot tub while her daughter was also inside.

In a video covered on the Tatum Report, Wi Spa is accused of allowing a biological male, who identifies as a female, to expose himself to women, including underage girls in the spa’s women’s-only section. A female patron records herself, employees, and other customers, discussing the incident as customers complain and attempt to receive refunds for their services due to the frightening ordeal.

After the newest assault on women’s safety, the mother decided to come forward and speak about what happened to her 6-year-old daughter in January 2020. She said, “It all happened to me, so I had a relapse of these feelings after having forgotten them.”

“I knew it was a family spa, and I’d decided to take my daughter,” she told PM. She described Wi Spa as “kind of trendy” in that “it’s a 24-hour spa, 90 plus percent Korean, and then a small percentage of people who aren’t Korean.”

The mother said, “It’s kind of cool to participate in other cultural experiences.”

While using the women’s-only hot tub with her daughter, the mother said that a biological male complete with male genital came in with two women and sat down exposing himself.

“I didn’t see that coming,” she told PM. “I just felt shamed and ashamed and embarrassed. And the other women in there were visibly uncomfortable as well, especially the older Korean women.”

She said; concerned and confused glances between the other women started as no one knew how to handle the situation. “Me and all the women kind of eyed each other. The older Korean ladies were whispering to each other, holding their towels over themselves, as all the women started whispering to each other.”

She said she was forced to cover her daughter’s eyes.

“I don’t like using the whole race thing, but it was three white privileged, progressive people,” she told PM. The report said that she claims “the three of them gave off an air of cultural imperialism.”

The woman claimed that later that night, she admitted to feeling “sexually abused or assaulted.” She told PM that she understands the difference between harmful exposure and sexual assault but that the feelings remain the same.

She said she wanted to hide what happened and after watching the latest incident go viral, she “started going through all the same feelings.”

She reportedly went to the police station, closest to where Wi Spa is located, to file a complaint. The report stated that “Officer there told her that Wi Spa was ‘a private business,’ that ‘they can do what they want.’ ” But the insanity doesn’t stop there; the woman claims a second police officer then shamed her for being a patron of the spa, saying that the officer ‘blamed me for having taken [my] daughter to the spa,’ and that it felt like ‘victim-blaming’ instead of protecting.

When the mother reportedly complained to Wi Spa about the incident, she said, “They were very apologetic,” as they explained that the biological male, who the woman describes as having a “five o’clock shadow,” told them that he was “a pre-op trans person.”

The woman says the cultural rot of gender identity isn’t unique to California laws. She said, “I can tell you that the public schools use similar things to sneak in gender ideology.”

She told PM, “Back in the day, you could opt-out of sex ed.” But now she said, “gingerbread lessons have come into sex ed in the Los Angeles Unified School District.” She claims that instead of leaving gender identity issues to the parents or at the very least during sex ed, she said, “All of this stuff is taught under bullying and harassment, not sex ed.”

She claims there is a purpose for that, and it’s “because you can’t opt-out.”

“This is so sneaky. The things they are teaching, there used to be a gay-straight alliance, but now it’s a gender and sexuality alliance,” she said.

This realization made her want to join the protest that ended with street preachers being beaten while LA police looked on. She showed up at the rally outside Wi Spa and found “mobs on all four corners,” which made her “ditch” the protest sign she made.

“I started walking around as if I were a tourist. There was a police barricade around some people who were all bloody in the face, and there was a lot of commotion and yelling,” she told PM. “Antifa people were yelling the most offensive anti-religious things they could think of. It obviously wasn’t safe to say anything or hold up a sign.”

She said she was “disappointed” that “no one spoke to anyone on the other side, and a lot of those stations explained it as though it was a trans rights issue. They didn’t mention anything about children. Even the big news networks didn’t portray it accurately.”

She said the outrage isn’t a trans issue but a safety issue for women and underage girls.


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