The Anti-Cop Onslaught Continues, Here is What We Can Do About It



We all know the saying, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” (Well, nobody aside from Bill Gates, who wants to create a solar visor for Planet Earth). Similarly, everybody talks about the war against American law enforcement, but nobody (okay, there are some but not nearly enough) does anything about it.

Maybe most of us can’t change the weather, but can we change the anti-cop fervor infecting our cultural, social, academic, and governmental institutions? At times, it seems overwhelming. But we must try. Investigative journalist Chris Rufo recently provided a road map in a brilliant article that addressed how to battle critical race theory (CRT). CRT is an insidious, Marxist construct at the heart of the insurrection occurring against traditional America. Essentially, he suggests, know your enemy, develop a multi-front counterattack, and then attack! Peacefully, of course.

As Rufo notes, “According to a recent Gallup poll, 77 percent of conservatives are afraid to share their political beliefs publicly.” This obviously includes law enforcement supporters and even cops. Many officers’ department and city administrators refuse to recognize where cops’ on-duty restrictions end and off-duty First Amendment rights begin. Yes, police officers have free speech rights too.

Back in 2011, I spawned outrage in the Seattle government’s leftist cabal. I’d dared to write some articles for the police union newspaper, critical of the city indoctrinating cops in what we now call CRT. For me, one thing that stuck out was leftists calling me “insubordinate” for stating my political opinion, off duty, and on my own time. So, add insubordinate to racist, misogynistic, and homophobic on the list of accusations the Left makes to squelch conservatives’ free speech.

The Left will say and do anything to keep conservatives, including cops, quiet. Don’t let them. Even a little pressure beats no pressure. This applies whether writing a letter to the editor or congressperson, posting opinions online, or attending a school board or city council meeting. It’s easy for the leftist bullies to dominate the conversation and attempt to intimidate patriots into submission if no one challenges them. And it’s also kind of fun to watch, as their heads seem about to explode at anyone challenging them.

One problem with being a bully is it’s no fun when opponents push back. Here’s an admittedly brutal anecdote, but it paints a picture you’re not likely to forget. When I was an active cop, our defensive tactics instructors would instill in us a fight and never give up mentality. They’d told us to stand and fight because if you turn your back and run, you could wind up dead.

They played a graphic video to cement the point. In a prison cell, one prisoner had a makeshift knife with about a two-inch triangle-shaped blade. That prisoner used it to viciously attack an unarmed prisoner. The assault went on as other prisoners spurred on the attacker. At the same time, corrections officers got geared up to enter the cell and stop the assault.

Our instructor noted the attacker stabbed the victim prisoner dozens of times. I think I remember the victim received 60 or more two-inch stab wounds. The instructor then replayed it, slowing at points to emphasize something he wanted us to remember.

He showed us whenever the victim turned his back and tried to run away, the attacker could stab him repeatedly at will. On the contrary, every time the victim faced the attacker and tried to defend himself, the attacker slowed or stopped. It was effective, though gruesome, object lesson in applying pressure: you can turn your back or face your attacker.

Similarly, don’t allow the “attackers” school board, PTA, city council, mayor, governor, etc., to inflict harm on you (or your children) while your “back is turned.” Face these leftist cowards and bullies who would backstab you and ruin your country. Make your voice heard. Remember, you are not a racist just because some leftist ideologue says you are. You are a free American with all that title endows. And one of those sacred endowments is free speech. Don’t be afraid to use it. It may seem too simple, but free speech is still an available means to maintaining our traditional America.

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