Antifa Portland Offers Summer Camp of Hate for 4th through 8th Grade Children

Portland, Oregon, the City of (Black) Roses, drops out of the riot news for a few days, and it may lull people into a false sense of security—or hope. But, still buoyed by the support it got from Mayor Terrible Ted Wheeler’s Democrats in the early stages of the 2020, a guy died in police custody 2,000 miles away, riots, Antifa’s Black Rose Anarchist Federation is expanding its nefarious influence.

Sara Carter reported, “Parents in the extremely liberal city of Portland, Oregon have the opportunity to send their children to hate-filled summer camp,” for 4th through 8th graders.

Fun activities at the Budding Roses camp will include “Preparation for deadly riot participation, the kids learn Black Lives Matter chants about putting ‘killer cops in jail.’ Another lovely chant is, ‘Cops and borders; We don’t need them.’”

Portland politics is so sick, according to Victoria Taft at PJ Media, the city gave Antifa’s “Budding Roses the Spirit of Portland Award for non-profit initiative of the year….” Taft also reported Antifa spurned the award because Portland still has “white supremacy,” a “patriarchy,” and a police department.

Other treats for campers are classes on:

“Why writing People in Prison and Jails Matters.”

“Tear Gas for Portlanders…,” is a class where an Antifa militant introduces himself as “Your friendly neighborhood anti-fascist…,” and gives campers a “lecture on tear gas… and why it shouldn’t be used.”

This “camp” is high up on the list of “things you can’t make up.” Any parent who sends their children to such a hate-filled, poisonous camp is as guilty of child abuse as those who would send their kids to a KKK summer kamp where they could learn “life skills” like cross-burning for kids, and How Much Bleach Do You Need to Get Blood Stains Out of a White Robe.

According to Townhall, Ari Hoffman told FOX News, “What they do learn is how to hate the police.” He was “shocked the camp doesn’t officer a class on Molotov cocktails….” Maybe next summer.

Additionally, Hoffman suggests the camp employs a toxic BLM terminology designed to replace “Martin Luther King with “Marxist activists.”

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