Apple Squelches Chinese Freedom Protesters, Threatens to Boot Twitter from App Store

It seems the Chinese Communist Party asked Apple to shut Chinese protesters up about government oppression clamping down on their human rights. Should Americans wonder if the Democrats’ Biden regime has also asked Apple to boot Twitter from their App Store? At least, it would be consistent.

According to Bobby Burack at Outkick, “Elon Musk says Apple Inc. is threatening to withhold Twitter from its App Store. Apple has not disputed the claim from over 24 hours ago. Apple has also pulled advertising on Twitter in response to Musk’s purchase of the service in October. But while Apple aches at the thought of an internet open for robust dialogue, it has shown no such concerns over TikTok, a Chinese-controlled social media service.”

Americans, left and right, love their iPhones. They show more loyal than Apple deserves. But how many conservatives and true liberals will finally toss their Apple products over the company’s cooperation with the CCP? If Apple deletes Twitter from the App Store, effectively abridging the speech of millions of Apple iPhone owners, for how many would that be the last straw?

For example, Hugh Hewitt tweeted, “After years and years of having my handy iPhone, I’ll drop it and switch to Android in a second if Apple drops Twitter from the app store. Done. Over. I can’t believe Apple would be that dumb, but who knows.”

“Let this sink in:” Marie Oakes tweeted, “Apple is threatening to take Twitter off of its App Store, but not TikTok. Even after FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr sent them a letter last summer asking them to remove TikTok because of ‘serious national threats posed by TikTok.’”

National Review tweeted a quote from FL. Gov. Ron Desantis, who concluded the situation as well as anyone. “‘That would be a huge, huge mistake, and it would be a really raw exercise of monopolistic power that I think would merit a response from the United States Congress.’ @GovRonDeSantis slams Apple for reportedly patching out AirDrop in China and threatening Twitter and @elonmusk.”

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