Arizona Democrats Pressure Senator Sinema to Support Biden’s $3.5 Trillion Budget

The Arizona Democratic Party is bullying moderate Senator Kyrsten Sinema, warning that she could face official censure if she does not back President Biden’s main legislative goals in the coming days.

Fox Business reports that Democrat officials adopted a resolution last week that stated they would “closely watch” how Sinema votes on numerous issues, including the Senate’s impending vote on the president’s $3.5 trillion budget. They claimed the party would give Sinema a vote of “no confidence” if she “continues to delay, disrupt, or votes to gut the Reconciliation Package of its necessary funding.”

The resolution urged Sinema to support their attempt to end the Senate filibuster, which they label a “Jim Crow relic,” and approve federal voting rights legislation. They demand Sinema vote in favor of other Democratic-backed initiatives such as The For The People Act voting rights bill and the John Lewis Voting Rights Bill. Sinema could be censured by the Arizona Democratic Party’s chair and executive board “with the clear understanding she could potentially lose the support of the ADP in 2024.” if she fails to satisfy the criteria.

Additionally, the resolution stated, “We all are facing a critical crossroads, and nothing less than our Democracy is at stake, and as all indicators show Democrats could lose both the House and Senate in 2022 if we do not ‘deliver the goods’ by passing voting rights, healthcare, Medicare expansion, two-year free college funding, immigration reform, specifically a path to citizenship for Dreamers, labor rights, green jobs, Climate Emergency/environmental protection legislation and more.”

Sinema was part of a bipartisan group that spearheaded talks on the $1.2 trillion physical infrastructure package that passed the Senate in August. However, the Arizona senator and fellow moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia have emerged as major obstacles to the budget reconciliation bill’s approval, with both voicing concerns about its cost.

In July, Sinema stated, “I have told Senate leadership and President Biden that I support many of the goals in this proposal to continue creating jobs, growing American competitiveness, and expanding economic opportunities for Arizonans. I have also made clear that while I will support beginning this process, I do not support a bill that costs $3.5 trillion.”

Because of their razor-thin majority, every Democrat will have to vote in support of the measure for it to succeed. The budget reconciliation package is anticipated to be voted on by the Senate later this week.


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