Arizona Law Enforcement Authorities Accuse Democrat Senator of Being ‘Completely Absent’

Arizona law enforcement authorities have accused Democrat Senator Mark Kelly of being “completely absent” on public safety and border security. While Kelly has chastised President Joe Biden for his lack of urgency in dealing with the southern border, he has failed to match his talk with action.

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd and Arizona Police Association president Justin Harris said Kelly hasn’t contacted their respective offices.

Judd told the Washington Free Beacon:

“It appears that he’ll give lip service to a topic, but then when push comes to shove, he’s right in step with his party. And we know that as far as his party goes with border security, they’re missing in action. He’s never reached out to us, and that is what’s concerning, because we have people reaching out to us all the time on both sides of the aisle.”

Harris stated, “Mark Kelly scares the hell out of us because it looks like he’s doing this for Mark Kelly. My membership is scared that we’re one or two elections away from Arizona turning into a Chicago or a New York or a California. So when it comes to my association and our law enforcement communities and families, Mark Kelly scares the hell out of us.” 

Harris also accused Kelly of playing politics with the border problem, as he seeks reelection in a state that is unhappy with border policies.

According to a November Civiqs poll, 36% of Arizona voters approve of the president. A Federation for American Immigration Reform poll showed that 63% of Arizona voters blame Biden supported for the border crisis. Kelly’s favorability rating has dropped 12 points among suburbanites in the state. This group helped Republicans win double-digit victories in Virginia and New Jersey.

Kelly’s spokesperson, Jacob Peters, described the Democrat as the “son of two police officers” who “has been a consistent and effective advocate for Arizona’s border and law enforcement priorities.” Additionally, Peters claimed Kelly wants to meet with the National Border Patrol Council and that he contacted Judd’s office “months ago” to set up a meeting, a claim Judd refuted.

Judd and Harris aren’t the first to accuse Kelly of ignoring the National Border Patrol Council. During Kelly’s 2020 campaign, council vice president Art Del Cueto claimed the Democrat would not shake his hand at a Tucson Veterans’ Day parade after Kelly recognized him as “with the Border Patrol guys,” which Kelly denies.

Kelly has tried to separate himself from Biden’s border policy, but according to Judd, his “voting record is in lockstep” with the president.

In February, Kelly voted against an amendment that would have protected former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.  Kelly also voted against an amendment that would have prevented the Biden administration from terminating border wall contracts that already had allocated funds.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, tech executive Blake Masters, and solar power CEO Jim Lamon are among several well-funded Republicans who have already started campaigns to replace Kelly in next year’s midterm elections.

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