Arizona Secretary of State Candidate Thanks Elon Musk for Twitter Suspension Reversal

Elon Musk exercised his newly acquired Twitter authority on Monday by pledging to look into the suspension of Mark Finchem, an Arizona Republican running for secretary of state. Finchem claimed to have been reinstated within an hour and thanked Musk for moving swiftly.

The Washington Examiner reports that Finchem, who has promoted election security and questioned the validity of the 2020 election results, informed his supporters via email that his Twitter account had been suspended. He explained, “Twitter has blocked my account from speaking truth with one week left until the election. They are trying to put their thumb on the scales of this election. Tag Elon Musk and tell him to unban me right now. I am the Secretary of State nominee in a swing state running against the criminal Soros-funded candidate.”

While it’s unclear why Finchem’s account was suspended, former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis tagged Musk in a tweet arguing that his account shouldn’t have been suspended a week before the midterm elections. Musk replied, “Looking into it.”

Upon his account being reinstated, Finched said, “We are back! Thank you for stopping the commie who suspended me from Twitter a week before the election. Twitter is much better with you at the helm. Thank you.”

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