Loudoun County School Board Meeting Erupts Into Chaos; Former Senator Speaks Out And Arrests Are Made

Loudoun County has made national news yet again after Tuesday night’s school board meeting ended with two men being arrested Tuesday night after comments were made about policy that would expand transgender student rights.

According to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, one person has been charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Someone else has been cited for trespassing.

The policy would affect transgender student rights, privacy, and restroom accommodation and require the use of preferred student names or pronouns by Loudoun County Public Schools staff.

Brenda Sheridan, the board’s chairwoman, repeatedly warned the crowd that loud public demonstrations violated the meeting’s decorum. The proposal is not expected to be voted on by the school board until at least August 10.

“I do not believe I can let the disruption that occurred in our board room tonight go unanswered,” Sheridan said in a statement after Tuesday’s meeting. “Dog-whistle politics will not delay our work, we will not back down from fighting for the rights of our students and continuing our focus on equity.”

Arguments against the newly proposed policy 8040 attracted a larger than normal crowd of concerned parents, and nearly 259 residents signed up to speak during the district meeting.

The first half-dozen speakers were in favor of the new policy, but one woman, who identified herself as the mother of a transgender Loudoun student, was booed after saying “hate” was “dripping from the followers of Jesus in this room.” The majority of the audience was outraged by the remark about Christians, so the board called a five-minute break to allow things to calm down.

After the recess, Sheridan threatened attendees that members voted unanimously to end public comment if the room erupted again. However, the verbal threat had no effect against the frustration of the concerned parents, and attendants continued to make arguments.

The board is here to hear from everyone,” she said. “We started our meeting early because we knew we would have a large crowd and we had a large agenda. We ask again that you respect each other, and everyone is allowed to speak.”

Several hot topic issues remained on the table, including parents’ request that the district removes its appeal of the court order to reinstate teacher Tanner Cross. Cross was suspended after publicly opposing the proposal due to his Christian beliefs.

Another woman urged several board members to resign and save taxpayers even more money in the face of recall efforts. Others threatened a district official who allegedly threatened to use a district smartphone for Internet searches.

Former Republican state Sen. Dick Black chastised the board for its treatment of Cross and false accusations that liberal community members had compiled a list of conservative neighbors to harass and publicly shame. The chamber erupted in applause, prompting the board to vote 9-0 to end public comment for the remainder of the meeting, prompting loud chants of “Shame on you” and demands that members resign.

When parents who had been barred from speaking before the board remained in the room to deliver prepared remarks to the rest of the audience, the situation quickly escalated, and two people were arrested. One of them refused to leave until everyone had a chance to speak, and deputies threatened to arrest him for trespassing if he did not comply with their orders to leave the room.

According to a Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson on Tuesday evening, the first man was issued a trespassing summons and released. The second allegedly “behaved disorderly and aggressively towards another attendee.”

Loudoun County Public Schools first made headlines in 2020 after the county reportedly spent almost $500,000 on programs to counter systemic prejudice and violence. Since 2018, California’s Equity Collaborative has received nearly $422,500 in allocated funds from the county.

After months of blatant disregard for conservative parents and their children, the community of Loudoun County parents are fighting back against the radical agenda undeniably forced upon their children.


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  1. The public can’t do anything with these people other than try to replace them in the next election, and that won’t fix the problem. They’re only one part of the problem. They couldn’t do any of this without the cooperation of the majority of teachers and administrators, state and federal education departments, etc. The whole system is rotten, run by Marxists who intend to train the young in their beliefs, and nothing short of blowing it all up and building a new system can fix it. Sane parents would pull their kids out of such schools — training them in this garbage (if they believe any of it) will ruin them for life. And, it isn’t just the racism and perversion — many other evils are incorporated into all subjects being taught.

    The county sheriff is no better than the school board, or he wouldn’t be backing them by harassing and arresting parents who argue against their policy.

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