An Associated Press Poll Reveals 61% Of Americans Say Biden Is Off To A Good Start

An Associated Press poll says Biden is off to a good start.  In fact 61% of those polled said so.

According to the poll Biden enjoys overwhelming support from his fellow Democrats, as well as 23 percent of Republicans. AP conducted the questioning alongside the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, finding that Biden has returned to the traditional honeymoon period in which U.S. presidents typically enjoy high approval ratings as their administration gets rolling. President Donald Trump is alone among recent presidents in having not broken a 50 percent approval rating in his opening weeks.

The Daily Caller reports,

Democrats approve of Biden 97-3, compared with Republicans’ 23-77 rate, according to the poll. While Biden has styled his presidency on unification, just 20 percent of respondents said they were confident in Biden’s ability to work with Republicans. Another 45 percent said they had “only some confidence” in the same.

Biden has defined his opening days in office with a slew of executive orders both addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and erasing all he can of the previous administration.

Ending Trump policies and even removing his appointees has become a theme of the Biden administration from top to bottom. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Auston on Tuesday took the step in dismissing all members of the Pentagon’s policy advisory boards.

The Trump administration had made numerous last-minute appointments to the boards before leaving office. Officials in such positions enjoy robust job protections and would have required Biden to prove both that the Trump appointee was unqualified and that the previous administration had intentionally skipped over a more qualified candidate. Austin’s solution gets around those requirements by firing everyone, irrespective of who appointed them.

H/T Daily Caller

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