ATF Agent Quits, Speaks Out on Agency Politicized by Democrats

The Biden regime’s politicizing federal agencies is endemic, and the ATF has not been excluded from the taint. In August, TTR wrote about an ATF agent allegedly snapping photos of gun store’s customer purchase records.

Now, in America’s 1st Freedom, the NRA’s Mark Chestnut tells the story of resigned AFT Agent Brandon M. Garcia. 

After 18 years, Garcia decided he could no longer be a part of such a politicized agency.

Agent Garcia wrote a resignation letter explaining why he was leaving the ATF. He “highlighted the Biden administration’s weaponization and politicization of the agency….” 

He pointed out morale hasn’t been this low since “2013-2016,” when “we had an[other] administration openly criticize law enforcement,” alluding to the Obama/Biden administration. 

Garcia says the agency expects agents to hold the “same liberal opinion.” He said agency leadership is “siding with the left-leaning Biden administration…,” which emphasizes “something other than actually enforcing the law as agents were tasked to do.”

AFT Special Agents

Agents took this job to “smack evil in the mouth,” Garcia said. But no longer. Instead, “This administration talks a lot about guns in the same sentence they talk about violent crime; however, they say nothing about holding people accountable for the crimes they commit (unless it supports their agenda).”

He feels that there is a double standard where the left exploits shooting tragedies “to argue for gun control…. However…, in blue states, fewer… defendants associated with gun crimes are… sentenced to prison.”

Garcia summed up his feelings eloquently. “I believe in God, I believe in The Constitution, and I believe that bad guys belong in prison. The Government no longer believes in any of those things. Since I can no longer do this job the way I think it needs to be done and have the appropriate level of success, then it is time for me to fight this fight from a different angle.”

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