ATF Inspector Caught Illegally Copying Thousands of Gun Store’s Customer Records

Biden's Director of the ATF
Joe Biden’s Director of the ATF, Steven Dettelbach

On the heels of a video showing ATF agents contacting a legal Delaware gun owner at his home about recent legal gun purchases, comes a story out of Mesa, Arizona where a gun dealer caught an ATF inspector “copying gun records…” with her personal cellphone.

According to Faye Higbee at Conservative Firing Line, “Black Metal Firearms tangled with an ATF inspector (IOI) late last year who was caught illegally copying gun records with her personal cell phone. Four thousand gun records…. Was she attempting to create a gun registry? She also recommended Black Metal Firearms lose their FFL. Attempts to get the ATF to respond have been met with ‘no comment.’”

Owner David Nagle described a revealing exchange with ATF Inspector Pamela Scott. She told Nagle a lot of his customers were “gun nuts.” When Nagle said he prefers “gun enthusiasts,” Scott reiterated she prefers “gun nuts.”

When Scott asked Nagle why his records were “not computerized,” Nagle said, “he wouldn’t trust her with computerized records.” No kidding.

Despite finding only “a few minor clerical errors, no missing guns [and] no suspicious activity,” Scott said she will still recommend the ATF pull his FFL. Nagle quipped that he didn’t sell guns to the cartels as the ATF did and “she treated us like drug dealers.”

Nagle said, “revocations of FFLs are up 500%…” under the Biden regime. He said Biden has directed the ATF to focus on “rogue gun dealers…,” who’ve made minor clerical errors, to put them out of business.

He believes the “ATF is out of control…” and that the Biden regime, “apparently will do anything, including breaking the law, to accomplish their task,” which is ultimately “banning firearms.”

Joe Biden canned the “acting [ATF] Director Regina Lombardo who was friendly to gun dealers,” and appointed anti-gun Steven M. Dettelbach. Higbee added, “Now the agency is weaponized to its fullest.” Just like the DOJ, FBI, IRS, etc. ad infinitum.

Glenn Beck just interviewed (08/11/22, Time: 1:29:00) Nagle, who provides more details about the ATF inspector targeting his livelihood.

Some states, like Missouri, are fighting back with legislation outlawing certain federal laws related to firearms that infringe on the people’s Second Amendment rights.

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