Athletes Show Support for FINA’s Transgender Swimming Policy

Following the International Swimming Association’s announcement regarding its transgender swimming policy, several Olympic medalists are speaking out in support.

Townhall reports Australian Olympic Gold Medalist Emily Seebohm is happy with the decision, stating, “We can all… know that we are getting in the pool and it’s going to be a fair, level playing field and that’s what we want.”

Among others in support of the ruling are the Australian Olympic Committee, Swimming Australia, and Australian Olympic Champion Cate Campbell, the latter addressing FINA, prior to its decision, in a statement where she pled with the association to “uphold the cornerstone of fairness in elite women’s competition.”

She went on ask them to “listen to the science and experts,” highlighting “that men and women are physiologically different cannot be disputed.”

Campbell argued that women can only be included and seen as equals in sports because of gender category distinction and “to remove that distinction would be to the detriment of female athletes everywhere.”

While elite female swimmers can breathe a sigh of relief for FINA’s decision to adhere to basic biology and protect women’s spaces in swimming, the issue is outstanding in many other sports across the United States and worldwide.

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