Austin ISD Demands Parents Send Their Kids Back to School Double-Masked for Spring Semester

Austin Independent School District in Austin, Texas, is encouraging parents to double mask their children in defiance of the Governor’s orders. The district implored parents to send their kids back to school from winter break wearing two masks as an extra form of protection. The email was sent to families on December 29.

The email reads in part:

“With Austin ISD resuming classes as scheduled after the Winter Break, staff and families can help prevent the spread of the Omicron variant by getting boosted this week, getting tested at one of our 11 hubs beginning Monday, Jan. 3, and by double-layering masks that fit well on Wednesday when classrooms re-open.” 

Dr. Desmar Walkes is the medical director of Austin. She was referenced in the district-wide email, calling for students to either wear N95 masks or wear two well-fitting masks. Health experts have previously decried the effectiveness of double masking. A CDC study in April 2021 noted, “It mischaracterizes the importance of filter efficiency…The small amount of protection you will get negated.”

In September, Austin ISD implemented the campus mask mandate, joining Houston ISD and Dallas ISD. 

Texas Republican Rep. Pete Sessions, whose district covers part of the Austin suburbs, believes the whole thing reeks of politics and not science.

He said:

“AISD is trying to be outwardly obnoxious with proving how liberal they can be simply to disagree with what any Republican says — as opposed to trying to follow a sound science.”

 According to data from Austin Public Health, children ages 1-9 make up 5.9 percent of cases. Kids ages 10-19 comprise 11.1 percent. In Austin, there have been zero reported deaths from Covid-19 for anyone under 20 years old. There have been 17 deaths for those 20-29 years old. In the entire state of Texas, 82 children ages 10-19 have died, while 23 kids have died from 1-9 years old. There have been 14 deaths for children under age 1. 

AISD concluded their letter stating, “Don’t Even Ask-Wear A Mask.” Concerned parents and policymakers note that teacher’s unions are pushing for the mask mandates. The unions reportedly told teachers last year not to return to in-person learning. 

One father expressed frustration over the policy, saying, “So far, AISD has proven that their main concern is satisfying their teachers’ union, not providing the best education environment for the district’s children. This new policy is just absurd.”

  1. Doubled masked? Why not just have the kids stop breathing? Is suffocation the end game of this stupid demand?
    As a parent I would NEVER do this to my child! I do not give a damn about the rest of the Chicken Little parents. If you are that scared of your child contracting this B/S virus, keep them home. You may as well place a pillow over their face until they stop breathing.
    When are parents going to wake up and stand up against these politically infested school boards and morons like Dr. Desmar Walkes. Any parent that double masks their child should be charged with child abuse.
    Maybe the best solution would be to do away with schools all together and go to an online schooling. This is something that has been the dream of teachers and many others as far back as I can remember. As a kid, I read many articles and was taught that schooling would one day become like that. Australia had pioneered that type of schooling over ham radio sets that taught the kids of the outback for decades. In my schooling here in the US, they taught that one day, because of over crowding, a teacher shortage, the expense of the upkeep of school buildings and the advent of TV, school would be taught at the home or at a supervised facility where students would be taught remotely over a dedicated TV broadcast. Now that we have the internet that can be achieved easily and has been proven. There are many benefits to this too. Kids would not be distracted by others or an unruly child. They would not get bullied by others. Lessons could be taught to far more students by one teacher than in a limited space of a class room. Students that were having problems learning with one teacher could be identified and a teacher could be matched up that would be better suited to teaching that student. There are only a very few classes that could not be taught this way. Sports and shop classes where hands on and equipment are needed could be taught at a location for the students that want or qualify for those programs. The tax money spend on the upkeep of the school buildings and pay for the huge amount of administration, maintenance people, teachers and money spent on the utilities at state and national levels would be greatly reduced and better spent on the computers and high speed internet to the students. Administration and record keeping would be greatly reduced, bad teachers would either be eliminated or retrained, teaching would go back to basics without the hidden agenda brainwashing and what maintenance and utilities are needed would be reduced to the few facilities required, centrally located by state regional areas. Basically, the cost of school taxes would be cut down to 1/3 or 1/4 of what is needed now. Sports could be farmed out to local coached teams like they do for little leagues or the town/city could make up teams based on a town team or city district teams. Either paid for by the parents that sign up their kids or paid for through by the taxes collected for parks and recreation. Other classes that require large equipment and skills could be taught through the trade schools, community colleges, a local facility built for shop classes or through a partnership with local businesses.
    The B/S that kids need to be exposed to other children in a massive setting like a school, is pushed by the established old thinking individuals of the public school systems. This is what all that they know and they live in a box trapped by that way of thinking. They can’t imagine that kids will still have friends without the schools. They do not want that system to go away and those on school boards don’t want to lose that prestigious position or the big cash cow they suck off of. They need the school facilities to keep all that alive for them.
    Parents would still have a say in what their kids learn and would be able to see what their kids are learning under a system like that. Kids would be better taught and there would be no problems with other students or parents having to put up with stupid school mandates like those that want to suffocate your kids with one, two or three masks.
    In reality, do both parents need to work? Are your expectations, wants, careers and keeping up with the Jones more important than your kids? Do you need that big fancy house to show off, the fancy car/truck, the travel home, the boat or what ever that puts you in so much debt that both parents need to work?
    I believe since you brought these kids into this world, that should be your first responsibility. Too many people today are concentrated on the unnecessary things in life today. Many are unhappy because they can’t keep up or are in debt over their heads. We all crave things because of the ads that are designed to sell us stuff that make us want them. Even though we really don’t need them.
    Maybe it is time to think about cutting back on some things and getting back to a simpler life.
    No, I’m not talking about destroying the advances we have now, nor am I saying no one should have a career or a big house. But it might be better if we all step back and see what is really important in life. I know several couples that missed out on their kids lives and are regretting it today. The kids grew up and got into trouble, or became distant to their parents. There are things far more important that things and money. Your kids and losing their freedoms for them are but two you should be more concerned about.

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