Austin’s Defunded Police Don’t Have The Staff To Monitor Sex Offenders As Crime Rates Rise

Austin, Texas, has long been the progressive answer to Texas’ typically conservative atmosphere. During the mainstream media’s manufactured race riots of 2020, the City of Austin voted to decrease its police budget by 30% despite the City consistently posting higher than the national average number of murders and rapes.

A 13-year Austin police officer and Republican candidate for Texas State House, Justin Berry, told Fox News the spike in sexual crimes – like 47-year-old homeless man Christopher Martin caught sexually assaulting an autistic teen (14) he brought across state lines – is the result of the progressive ‘Defund the Police’ policies passed at City Hall.

He said the Austin Police Department unit that monitors sex offenders lost several positions when the City cut the funding.

“When the City of Austin defunded us by a third of our budget, they also cut 150 officer positions,” said Berry. “They always talk about how they gave the money back, but they didn’t give the positions back.”

According to Berry, Austinites should be shocked that the City let criminals like Christopher Martin feel “emboldened” to commit heinous crimes. “Look at what [Martin] does. He goes across state lines and kidnaps a kid with a learning disability and brings him back to Texas and sexually assaults him,” Berry exclaimed.

“That’s not OK. People should be shocked by that. If that doesn’t shock your conscience, I don’t know what will,” said Berry.

Austin had the chance to refund its police department when Proposition A came up for a vote. However, Austin voters shot down the ballot proposition that would have forced the City to hire hundreds of new police officers back in November 2021.

Austin’s mayor, Steve Adler, praised the move by Austin residents claiming this was proof of their “innovative, caring and creative community.” Austin Police Association President Ken Casaday warned Fox News continuing to defund the police would be a disaster as homicides rise during the historic number of people moving to the City to escape blue tyranny.

“It’s one more example of needing a bigger police force with a city that’s growing out of control with other people moving here from the rest of the country,” said Casaday. “It’s very hard to be proactive when you don’t even have enough officers to answer 911 calls.”

  1. Mark my words, this kind of crap is going to lead the Demoncrats to banned all firearms because of the increase of murders and them saying that this can not be controlled due to the increase of gun violence. The defunding and reduction of the police force is just part of the plan. Go ahead bad call me crazy or a conspiracy believer. But all this has happened before in places like England, Canada and Australia to name a few.

  2. Mr Barry I reallu hope you are able to make some positive changes, but the city of Austin got exactly what they asked for and that poor child paid the price. I hope every person responsible for that 30% cut feels the weight of this on his/her conscience

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