Australian Olympic Skateboarder Accidentally Takes Out Cameraman

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This year’s Tokyo Olympics has been a wild display of human capability sprinkled with controversy.

So it was a hilarious change of pace to watch Australian skateboarder Kieran Woolley take out a cameraman who happened to be directly in his path at the end of his first preliminary run.

Seventeen-year-old Wolley completes a long grind along the coping after coming up a ramp. He’s so intently focused on his run that he is utterly unaware that he is moments away from plowing the unsuspecting cameraman.

The cameraman is also oblivious, as he is busy getting the up-close shot.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a direct hit as Woolley comically clips the cameraman with an elbow, who keeps the camera rolling while tumbling backward in slow motion, right onto his behind.

Woolley immediately stops his run to check on the cameraman, even though he still has 3 seconds left to perform. It’s clear that Woolley was shocked about the collision as he throws his hands on his head, and his face is smiling in disbelief.

As he turns around and walks a few feet back, the cameraman gives him a big thumbs up to indicate that he’s perfectly fine. The pair give each other an awkward fist bump, Woolley still smiling as he walks away.

“Australian’s Kieran Woolley ending his run with the rare and difficult back side [Sic] cameraman-bonk,” said Twitter user @KevinMichie.

Woolley finished in fifth place overall, while fellow Australian Keegan Palmer made history. He blew his opponents out of the water and took the first-ever gold medal for Olympic skateboarding.

As it turns out, Woolley is not only dedicated to skateboarding but to giving back to his community.

Woolley is working for the Black Dog Institute when he’s not skateboarding, helping school kids overcome and understand mental health issues.

He had utilized the institute to improve his own mental health issues before having the opportunity to be directly involved.

“I really wanted to help kids my age, and now I get to go into schools and talk to kids about mental health, teaching strategies to overcome mental health issues,” said the teen.

“I really enjoy it… just the fact I can help kids that may be in a rough situation and hopefully help change lives.”

His sights set on Olympic gold in 2024, he acknowledged the positive impact that he and his fellow Olympic competitors display in their interactions with each other.

“The boys showed it better than ever, everyone hugging, loving each other no matter what the result was.”


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