Baby Formula Plant Closes Again After Extreme Weather

Abbott Nutrition’s plant in Sturgis, Michigan had to close just two weeks after re-opening. The shutdown was due to “severe thunderstorms and heavy rains.”

The original shutdown of the factory was part of the reason for the baby formula shortage. Parents faced shortages of formula, as well as increased prices on the formula. The plant was supposed to deliver the formula by June 20, but the extreme weather is throwing a wrench in that plan.

Abbott stated:

“Severe thunderstorms and heavy rains came through southwestern Michigan on Monday evening, resulting in high winds, hail, power outages, and flood damage throughout the area, These torrential storms produced significant rainfall in a short period of time — overwhelming the city’s stormwater system… and resulting in flooding in parts of the city, including areas of our plant.”

Elecare, a formula made for infants who have trouble digesting other types of formula, has stopped production. Abbott says the delays will be several weeks long. 

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