Bank of America Accused Of Treating Customers ‘Like Al Qaeda’: ‘What Country Is This?’ [VIDEO]

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson reported that Bank of America searched through customer transactions to target people who may have been involved in the Capitol riot and handed information over to federal authorities.

At the request of federal investigators, the bank identified 211 customers who fit the profile after making purchases in the D.C. area or spending money on flights or accommodation in the days around the Capital riot.

He also accused the bank of treating its customers ‘like a member of Al Qaeda’ for handing over the information.

Carlson later accused the left of ‘creating extremists like they did in Iraq’ as he hit out at federal attempts to identify domestic terrorists from the Capitol riot, stating that it was ‘dramatically elevating the chance that something really awful is going to happen’.

Tucker reported that the bank had gone through the records of Americans ‘who had committed no crime’, searching for customers who fit certain criteria, as listed above

The criteria also included those who made accommodation reservations
And people who had made weapons or airline purchases, as pictured

The Daily Mail notes,

It is not known at what other points Bank of America, or other U.S. banks, may have been asked to hand over information on customers.

Later in the show, Carlson again targeted federal authorities definition of ‘domestic terrorism’ as he accused them of not explaining what it is.

‘We’re starting to believe they are not defining it for a reason,’ he claimed.

He compared the events of January 6 to 9/11 and said that the pro-Trump mob ‘wasn’t terrorism, it was a riot’

‘So I wonder that’s the pretext upon which they are justifying 9/11 level surveillance suspension of civil liberties effectively martial law in the Capitol? It’s that?’ the host asked.

Following his monologue Tucker spoke to conservative commentator Saagar Enjet who stated: ‘I’m deeply troubled by the people who ruined Iraq and Afghanistan now trying to bring their methods to the United States.’

‘They are creating extremists like they did in Iraq,’ Carlson agreed.

‘Making it a dead certainty that somebody is going to be driven into total lunacy and do something terrible. I mean, they are making people crazy. And dramatically elevating the chance that something really awful is going to happen. I’m upset about it.’ 

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